“For me it was something that I suppressed so well for decades that I thought I am all light and nice and sweet, but it was there and very strong too, I was just too scared to let it out.

What I found out is that it is sooo worth working on the dark side of my masculine, brings so much more wholeness and freedom and hence power to my life to embrace all sides of me.

So what I have been doing is taking advantage of every exercise that touches my dark and animal side. Going as deep into my demons, finding out what is in there, bringing everything into the light for others to witness too, and I offer love to everything that comes up. For me there was the shadow of sexual abuse, even rape fantasies in the beginning, to take advantage of and over power women, all kind of sneakiness and sliminess.

When all that is seen and witnessed and loved by me and others in a safe loving container it loses its grip on me. I can admit that yes that is also me but I don’t have to act on it. And I am not afraid of it and I can fully harvest all that power that comes from the healthy dark masculine and my animal!

Yes there is a healthy dark masculine and a healthy animal and they have incredible power to bring more integrity, focus, willpower and freedom to life.”