…. this was a huge take home message I got from Highden when I was there the first time.
My marriage is explicitly and intentionally based on this. We consider ourselves consorts.
So… beloveds…. what if we were all consorts? What if we were all in service to the other’s growth and evolution?
Knowing, deeply, unequivocally, that what is mine is yours… what is yours is mine!
What if you actually believed it?
What if you actually were willing to access what I carry? What if you actually took it? Now!
This is pure soul medicine for me. And I’m popping this pill. Now!
Oh yes! Bring it on! Shine on and let me drink from you!
You remind me of my wholeness…
Let me remind you of your wholeness!
Your authenticity and freedom makes me stronger!
Does mine make you stronger? I want to know!
Use me… go ahead, positive project onto me… drink of me… because as you do… my soul’s connection to the Life-Force grows stronger.
As you harness and expand your connection to the Life-Force, mine is amplified in the process.
We ARE one
There is no scarcity when the source is the fountain of the infinite
What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine!
And I’m thirsty! Oh boy am I thirsty!!!
I’ve been wandering through the deserts for life times, searching!
And now i’ve come to quench my thirst beloved!
I’m standing,
I’m no longer wandering.
Here, NOW, I am whole!
What’s mine is yours beloved… what’s yours is mine…
Now… Let’s drink!