In this 2-part webinar I discuss “The Intimacy Journey” which I created for couples, the map it is based on, and the tools you can use in your relating to support you to move through deeper levels of intimacy. It is based on a sense of deep safety and trust, a commitment to presence and love, gratitude, sacredness and freedom. This map supports couples to move from transactional based and unconscious relating, to living as Tantric Consorts. I also answer a whole bunch of questions! So in case you missed it live it’s finally up on my YouTube channel. Here you can find both parts!
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This is the way I live and relate in my daily life, and so can you! What I transmit to you, with my beloved Timo’s support, is practical, life-changing, and based on deep lived experiences and lessons learned over 12 years of being on the Tantric Path in a couple.
Let me know if you have any additional questions to those asked during the webinar. Also, I would love to hear from you on what is alive for you after watching the webinar! Thank you for joining me today!

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“The commitment to journeying with a partner on the Tantric path can bring incredible amounts of healing and has the potential to quickly dissolve your ego! It can strengthen your inner masculine and feminine, your inner union. It can show you how to use your sexual energy to nourish and empower yourself, manifest your dreams, and commune with existence. It can support you to blossom into your full potential, to awaken, to remember who you really are, to know yourself as a soul, and to know God. A Tantric relationship continuously invites you to go beyond duality and separation, and return to wholeness. It is the experience of oneness within yourself, with your partner, with nature, with the divine. I am grateful and privileged to witness such depth, breakthroughs, transformation and love in my own relationship and in those who work with me! The innocence, the support, the playfulness, the awakenings. It is all beyond worth it!

A relationship is an invitation to incredible amounts of healing and expansion, consciousness and joy, with yourself, with each other, with life itself!!! I am ABSOLUTELY BLESSED! What I share comes from deep lived experiences, past and present! It’s a path I walk daily, with the support and inspiration from my beloved Timo, and I wish nothing less for anyone! Tantra means “to weave together”, a merging, a union, going beyond duality, separation, and returning to wholeness, oneness… within yourself, with a partner, with nature, with the divine.

You have chosen to journey with this partner. Whether it’s a recent union or it has been decades, either way, your souls have brought you together for a reason… to support you to become whole again! I look forward to diving deeper with those of you who choose to join this journey. It is my honor to offer this work to couples who wish to dive deeper together and rise in love together! This is my passion! Timo and I look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for joining me today.”