I have debated to post something about corona or not. I have nothing to say about the virus itself, I’m not qualified. What remains true in me no matter what I hear or read are the following two things:

  1. This is making it crystal clear, in case it wasn’t before, that we either sink together, or rise together, but together it will be! like it or not! Ready or not! What will you choose?
  2. This is a test for us as a humanity, do we keep doing things the old way, i.e.: based on fear, or do we open up to love and connection? What are you choosing in your everyday life?

It is said in the teachings passed down from D.K. through Bruce Lyon that things will get a lot worse as we approach the 2025 point. So possibly, this is just a taste of what’s to come.

You rarely read me writing about this so here it is in a nutshell: Powerful energies are descending on us through the galaxy, which were previously regulated. So now there will be no volume dial, to decrease or increase as needed or appropriate. We are behind schedule in terms of our evolution. These energies are pure power. So… what are these energies going to EM-POWER? Fear or Love? I will survive mentality or WE will survive (if it’s the first then WE all freaken sink and that’s the end of that experiment called humanity, not the first by the way!)?

Here’s the punchline: YOU DECIDE!!!

It is said in the teachings that 2025 is a deciding point the likes of which was last experienced with Atlantis. A little reminder: They sank! Get it?

Here’s the punchline again: YOU DECIDE!!!