In this webinar I speak with Celeste Pomegranate about:

* What is The Cross map;

* The difference between Dark, Evil and Shadow;

* What is the healthy Dark Masculine;

* What is the distorted Dark Masculine: shadow and stunted expressions;

* Why is the Dark Masculine feared;

* What is the Dark Masculine’s relationship to Power;

* How does the Dark Masculine express love;

* The difference of the Dark Masculine energy in men’s and women’s bodies;

* The 3 main keys to support you to cultivate a healthy Dark Masculine in yourself;

* “My” Dark Masculine and “The” Dark Masculine;

* Why is the Dark Masculine energy needed individually?

* Why is the Dark Masculine energy needed collectively at this time? What role does it play in the evolution of humanity?


AND… I guide you through an experiential practice which can support you to integrate and mature this energy more and more within your being!


We hope you benefit from this webinar and thank you for joining us today!


This is part of a series on The Cross so stay tuned for more!


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