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In this webinar I have a juicy and deep discussion with Celeste Pomegranate and Jim Sharman about:

* What is The Cross;

* What is the healthy Dark Feminine;

* What is the distorted Dark Feminine: shadow and stunted expressions;

* How the Dark Feminine expresses love, power and Life;

* What are some the ways to cultivate this energy within us;

* How to avoid going into the unhealthy Dark Feminine;

* What’s scary about embracing the Dark Feminine? What might be in the way;

* How to deal with this energy in another? Especially if it’s triggering me;

* Using the key of surrender;

* How to invoke the Dark Feminine inside when you’ve spend your whole life in masculine, in a woman’s or man’s body;

* The Dark Feminine in a man’s body;

* The Dark Brother and Sister: What is the difference between the Dark Masculine and the Dark Feminine;

* Why is this energy needed collectively;


AND… I guide you through 3 experiential practices that can support you to integrate and mature this energy more and more within your being!


We hope you benefit from this webinar and thank you for joining us today!


This is part of a series on The Cross so stay tuned for more! You can find all videos on The Cross in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLotf3KN8WhbA4XkR81-kGockBIX6EwFZ3


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