Watch this webinar and benefit from the teachings of The Cross and its practical application in our every day lives during these extra-ordinary times! This is the first time I am sharing any of this on video. From the bottom of my soul I believe and feel that this map can support humanity to move through these times as an initiation instead of a missed opportunity!

This is the time that has been written about and we have been reading about, debating, contemplating, meditating on for decades. What has been set in motion in the human psyche, what has been stirred in the collective, the energies which have started to land in such apparent ways, none of that can be undone. It is time! My sun sign is Taurus, I’m very practical. We shift now from reading, contemplating and meditating on the teachings, to living them and supporting others who want to to do so too!

At the time I was meant to board a plane from Helsinki for Berlin to take part in an Aquarian group gathering, which I could no longer board, I decided to offer this transmission instead!

It’s time we harvest key lessons at the individual and collective levels. The map of The Cross can help us do that big time and in a super practical way with immediate impact! That’s what this unprecedented moment in evolution is inviting us to do. That’s what I am offering.

This webinar includes:

— An explanation of the polarities and the quadrants of The Cross, their healthy aspects and their distorted/ shadow/ stunted qualities:

* the vertical axis: Soul and Animal/ Body

* the horizontal axis: Masculine and Feminine

* the quadrants: Dark Feminine, Light Feminine, Dark Masculine, Light Masculine;

— Key Lessons each polarity and quadrant hold for us at the individual and the collective levels, especially during these extra-ordinary times;

— An interactive and relevant guided practice for each quadrant;

— Practical suggestions on how to work with each quadrant;

— Q&A

The Cross was developed by Bruce Lyon (transmitted to him by the Tibetan Master D.K.), and provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring, and to becoming an activated vessel of Life Force.

During Equinox the center of the Earth crosses the center of the Sun and we experience equal amount of Day and Night around the Globe. This is symbolic of polarities coming into balance, harmony. In other words, it’s a PERFECT time to work with The Cross, which represents our key polarities as human beings! So consider this my Equinox gift to you.

At the end of the video the following links are provided:

* The subsequent Equinox Meditation;

* The playlist where you can find a Guided Meditation to support you to choose between Fear and Love, recorded January 2020, and another to support you to Let Go and embrace the energy of Death and go through a Life Force Activation, recorded November 2019.

* Practice of the Week #29 to align with Love and Life

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