What if you allowed your personal heart break to help you open to more love, instead of contracting and restricting it’s flow?

What if this was Life’s plan, Love’s plan, all along? What if you misunderstood? You thought it was about creating armoring and protection, when in fact it’s a way to crack open and let more love in!

What if you let that betrayal which has an external catalyst, lead you to see your own betrayal?

What if this too was always Love’s greater vision for us all? And we just didn’t realize it?

What IF beloved?

What if the cracks let more LIFE in?

What if what is cracking is the shell, the armoring, that you no longer need? Not your heart.

And certainly not THE heart that is beating you, living you, breathing you, all of us!

Oh beloved…
When will you stop betraying yourself?
When will you stop negotiating for love?
When will you stop negotiating love?
Oh beloved… when will you realize YOU ARE LOVE?!?!?!?!

Here is a practice to support you: