Yesterday I had another invitation from Life to surrender and let go into the mystery. I was scheduled to present in the Wonder Woman Festival on Tuesday, May 5th, on the theme of Soul Initiation. An SOS went out that a presenter who was scheduled to go on yesterday was not available at the last minute. Noone else responded that they were available. I was on a work call that was ending and then planned to go to the gym.

So of course I took the invitation! I gave up my slot, took this one, had 10 minutes to set up my computer and get myself ready before going live, and was told that was was needed is yoni work and the opportunity to feel and release. So… that’s what came through!


For any of you who missed it, the replay is available only for 48 hours starting now. You need to register for the festival to get access, it’s free. So take advantage those of you in women’s bodies because I have not offered a guided video practice for the yoni before. And then you get access to all 5 days of presenters! The line up is impressive!

For the schedule and registration please follow the link below 👇…/wonder-woman-festival-2020/

After having so much fun with the 320 women who were on live, I realized… I want to do a few more videos for those in women’s bodies in particular. So there will be two videos coming up this month for you sisters in women’s bodies, so stay tuned to my FB Page and YouTube Channel! These will be on:
* Live Webinar on: Our sacred blood;
* Live Event where I guide you to explore your yoni internally!


If you watch the replay, or saw the original, I’d love to hear from you on how you benefited.

If you are in a woman’s body and there is something in particular you would like be to do a video about, let me know!

There were a couple of sisters on the zoom live who shared about having imprints of abuse stored in their yoni, as well as a sense of guilt and shame. There are two video practices I have recorded which I feel can support you to go deeper into exploring and releasing these energies. They can be found in the “Shadow Work Playlist” on my YouTube channel. They are: Practice #25 & #26! The whole playlist can be supportive to letting go of what no longer serves you. Shadow Work is one of my core passions and expertise. Link to Playlist:

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