Link for a 45min Guided Meditation on SUFFERING vs FREEDOM provided below. But please read this post fully first to get the context. Thank you!
2020-2030 is referred to in the Teachings as a decade of Suffering. And we are now at the 3rd or 4th month into that Decade (depending if you start with last Solstice or the Pluto- Saturn conjunction in Jan). Either way, this is the beginning. Yeah! Exactly.
AND an initiate is the CAUSE of evolution, not the result of it.
So why not choose voluntary suffering, instead of blind suffering, and invoke Life Force to support you to speed up your personal evolution as a Soul?
PAUSE: Go in. Do I have a yes for this? Do I have a yes for accelerating my evolution as a soul?
If YES, continue reading… If no, keep browsing!
For this your consent is needed. Remember, you can be the cause of evolution, not just a passive by-standard thrown, flung, or dragged around wondering what happened.
PAUSE: Go in. Am I willing to give my consent? Am I willing to use my personal and soul will to call in more Life and Love to move through me?
If YES, continue reading… If no, take some deep breaths and stay with the resistance. Regarding the resistance: It’s ok, it’s valid too! Don’t discredit it or over-ride it, it’s are pointing you to look at something… so go in and explore that.
Now… important note (i.e.: here is the fine print)! When you give your consent for this acceleartaion you inevitably invite crisis. Because you are inviting the energy of Freedom to accelerate consciousness and you are inviting it to bring up from the shadows whatever is stored in your base. When evolutionary growth is induced/ sped up/ accelerated, what you need to see will be shown to you, and you will be invited to let go of what is not real, what does not matter, what needs to go.
Do you REALLY want to continue?
If YES… here we go! If no, again stay with the resistance as instructed above.
So, you made it this far. Which means you can choose voluntary suffering over fight, resist and blind suffering. Wooohoooo!!!!
Thank you Corona for this invitation for Soul Initiation. This guided meditation supports you to move through this internal process and understand how a Decade of Suffering is actually an invitation into a Decade of Freedom! Freedom is being offered from Spirit, but you first need to say yes to Love, yes to Life, yes to your Soul.
Link to the meditation:
Note: I led this meditation for the Shamballa School community on line. Shamballa School is dedicated to Spirit. Spirit is the Life principle at the core of every being, in their heart, body and soul. It is the eternal roar of the One that is the essence of both consciousness and matter. It is the primordial darkness that is the root of all light. Other names for this Life principle are the Shamballa-Force, void, monad, dark light, life-force, electric fire, or causal spirit. To symbolise this energy, we use the supermassive black hole at the core of our galaxy or the field of dark matter that holds it all in coherence. Other symbols are lightning, the eruption of a volcano or an electric current. As this energy descends through our souls, rises from our bodies, and thunders through our hearts, these currents act like a defibrillator that progressively ignites the soul into supernova.
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Blessings on your journey!