During Equinox the center of the Earth crosses the center of the Sun and we experience equal amount of Day and Night around the Globe. This is symbolic of polarities coming into balance, harmony. In other words, it’s a PERFECT time to work with The Cross, which represents our key polarities as human beings! Bringing more into balance our Soul and Animal Body, our Masculine and Feminine.

Esoterically, the Earth represents our personal self and the Sun our Soul. So this is also a time that supports us to bring into balance and integration our personal self and soul! YES!!!

And what is at the center of these polarities? What gives rise to them? Love, Life, the galactic center. They are all expressions of Love, all expressions of Life Force. They all meet at the center, the heart!

So this is what we did! This morning 50 of us journeyed into:

– bringing into harmony the tension between Soul and Animal/ Body polarities;
– the alchemy when individuality and freedom, meets connection and relationship;
– surrender;
– 1st, 2nd and approaching 3rd initiations of the Soul;
– aligning the personal, soul, and universal;
– activating Life Force through the 3 portals.
Honoring Our own and THE Sacred Union! TOGETHER!
If you missed it, here is the recording.
Links provided at the end of the video:
* “Practice of the Week #14, The 3-Rings of the Heart”, which I referred to answering a participant’s question;
* The YouTube Playlist where you can find:
– the Webinar on The Cross which I refer to several times;
– a Guided Meditation to support you to choose between Fear and Love, recorded January 2020;
– a Guided Meditation to support you to Let Go and embrace the energy of Death and go through a Life Force Activation, recorded November 2019.


From the depth of my soul I believe and feel that this work can support humanity to move through these times as an initiation instead of a missed opportunity!

If you know of others who would benefit from this please share this with them. It’s for the benefit of all!

And I would love to know how it impacts you! Please leave a comment if you feel to.

Thank you so much for joining me today! If you have something you would like me to focus on in a future video sharing, let me know! I would be happy to.

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Thank You Thank You Thank You

With love, respect and power Taki’h