Right now, as things are unfolding with CV19, we may feel ourselves more disconnected from Love and from Life. “Strokes” are a powerful way we can reconnect to love’s flow, and feeling alive!
Strokes are anything that acknowledges that a person exists. They can be physical or non-physical, verbal or non-verbal, healthy or unhealthy, from interaction with the outside world or even from a person to themselves. During infancy and childhood a child needs strokes in order to survive (literarly), and grow and develop emotionally, physically and intellectually in a healthy way. As adults we need strokes to re-affirm we exist, much like our lungs need air.
If we don’t get the healthy strokes we need, we will settle for unhealthy ones, because receiving no strokes is perceived by our system as death. Extended periods of imposed isolation (versus chosen isolation) can deplete our stroke exchange and we can start to feel disconnected from Love and from Life.
Obviously during this time our healthy stroke “bank” or “account” may get depleted. All the fear and the panic, the social distancing, or even the quarantining takes its toll. When our stroke bank is depleted, and we are willing to settle for unhealhty strokes, we are easily manipulated and controlled. So check out this life changing video and ensure that you keep your stroke bank nice and full!
I would love to know how it impacts you!

Thank you so much for joining me today! If you have something you would like me to focus on in a future video sharing, let me know! I would be happy to.

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