My trip to Egypt last December was a Pilgrimage dedicated to “True Power”, reclaiming my real inheritance, and living as a soul activated and guided by the Life-Force, The One, Great Spirit. As all Pilgrimages are, it was about the journey…

It was about the desert winds and how they have been whispering across the desert dunes the mysteries this powerful land has held for millennia, to those who are ready to hear them from between the veils.

I reconnect to what I wrote in my journal during December 2018, as I prepare to return for a much deeper dive this time. This time it will be a full month communing with this energy of the Advanced 1st Ray Mystery School: of Will, Power, Fire, Spirit. I have no clue what the next chapter in Egypt will reveal, I just know I’m all in!

I have given everything, I have committed everything, I have jumped…

“Oh fellow path walker, do not listen with your ears, listen with your whole being, let your soul receive these teachings through their vibration! Let your heart translate them, your body anchor them. This is a journey of self-initiation! This is the journey into True Power. This Inheritance will shower you with wealth, riches and abundance like you have never known!

What is the price you ask? EVERYTHING! Offer yourself to be guided by Spirit, surrender, let die all those parts that stand in the way. Not piece by piece, but ALL of it: NOW! Nothing less will do. Let your soul be filled, electrified, by the charge of Spirit. Die, be born again, and know what it is to truly LIVE!

… I’m ready to meet the ancient master who lives in this desert

I’m ready to remember even more

I’m ready to be seen in my core

I’m ready to let my essence shine!

I’m ready to push the sword even deeper within

I’m ready to offer myself up as the offering

I’m ready to mid-wife this era

I’m ready to choose, again, from my own free will, that which has already been chosen for me!

I’m ready to serve, embodying and vibrating my true inheritance, my true power, for the benefit of all!

Where do I stand within, as I begin to walk on this pilgrimage? I am freaking elated! I am filled with ecstasy at all that is possible. I know what moves through me, what I have access to, and what my life is dedicated to. I fully trust in existence for having brought me here, and those whom I walk with.

I feel the longing in the dampness of my sex, in the beat of my heart, in the breath of life that moves through me, in the clarity of my soul, to fully surrender to the power that moves through me. Something I have not allowed myself to do yet fully. Yes! The time has come!

Take me, over and over and over again! Take me! All of me! Strip me, pierce me, burn through me, devour me… Oh please, I beg of you! Leave behind only truth, only love, only essence. This is my prayer!

Oh ancient master, guardian of the desert mysteries, hear my longing, hear my prayer! Receive my offerings, my nectar, my blood, my tears, my breath. And deliver me!”

– From the me of December 2018



If this call stirs you too, you can still join the journeys in Egypt December 2019. Click on this link for details: