“What’s with everyone buying toilet paper? Don’t people know they can wash their @sses? Stocking up on water I can understand, but toilet paper?” Timo said his morning reflecting on the news reported in so many countries where toilet paper is in high demand.

So this is a reality check. In time of crisis what kicks in? If it’s panic then you will stock up on toilet paper and tuna cans, and turn to “survival mode” strategies. But how exactly does toilet paper equate to survival??? Yeah, it doesnt! Comfort yes, but survival? Life and Death? Nope! It’s not rational, it’s panic. And fear/ terror/ panic are not rational.

When your base center is vibrating with fear, it is easilly aligned with collective fear. And easily manipulated! So your base is being tested!

When it’s not, it doesnt shake under all this surface level panic, it can disern real danger.

And what is that real danger/ fear? 

That we forget/ don’t realize that this is a test. What’s the question of this test? “DO WEEEEE REALLY WANT TO SURVIVE?!” As a species! Because what good does it do if JoeShmow and SusieQ survive and the rest of humanity doesn’t? What good will all that toilet paper do any of us then? I mean really?! 

This “pandemic”is an amazing reality check on how interconnected we all are, and how much we need each other on so many levels! The economy, the human connection and touch, the environment, all of it! Together we sink (see previous post, reference to Atlantis), or together we really survive! Not just flesh and bones and toilet paper, but REALLY SURVIVE. 

We are meant to learn the freaking lessons we were always meant to learn as a humanity about love and seperation and actually LIVE!!! That’s the whole point! 

So thank you CV19. For this reality check on what it takes for us to subcum to fear. To know and really feel, how much fear is vibrating in our base. Thank you!

Back to the toilet paper frenzy. Hmmmm… looks like we may have more OPPORTUNITIES to learn this lesson. And as with everything, existence is VERY kind! We WILL be given more and more opportunities, each more obvious (read: painful) then the previous until we get it… or until our time with this little experiment called life is up. 

One thing is for sure: Til death do us part! Amen…

* There is no shame in feeling fear, none at all. 
* Acting responsibly and panicking are worlds apart, galaxies actually.
* You may perceive the line between acting responsibly and panicking to be very thin. Fair enough. I’m not passing any judgements on that, I am not walking in your shoes.
* The external action may look the same, and it may not (this picture for example), but you know if internally you are motivated by terror or responsibility, love, presence.