Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. The deaths attributed to coronavirus has reached 10,000 worldwide so far. This is not to minimize any death that has occurred so far or for the unknown yet to come. However… a moment of perspective. HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!?!??!? Take a moment and reflect on how much of the world as we knew it has changed and how fast!!! And again look at those numbers. WOW!!!
So much of our inner and outer world is being challenged for such a low death rate. We are getting off cheap as a humanity! Seriously! This is a bargain folks!!! Really cheap! Of course it reaffirms my already established belief that: the universe is kind! That may not be how you see it, I totally respect that and I’m not here to argue it.
Global structures representing business as usual are being challenged big time, including politics and leadership, economic structures, health care systems, supply chains and sustainability, and the way we treat the environment.
As a result, more and more people are realizing the value of life, the importance of respecting the environment, and their need for connections and relationships. YES!!! More people are taking this INVITATION and initiating themselves and beginning their journey through 1st Degree of Soul initiation: asking what is the purpose of me being here, what is the meaning of life? Is there something more sacred, more nourishing, more aligned, then how I (we) have been living? And like this a spark is lit, the magnetic center is activated (as Guridjieff referred it), and the “search” begins. One begins to walk, or even run, on the path, hungry for something more!
My prayer: Oh let as many of us as possible know this hunger… let us hunger for the Truth, for Love, for the Sacred, for Union. Oh let us hunger!
Historically, 1st Initiation often began through some sort of crisis, the death of a loved one, an illness, an accident, the end of a relationship, loosing your job, etc. This has included grief, anger, vulnerability and helplessness. And that has generally been an individual journey. The way I see things, we as a humanity are now being invited to begin this initiation at the global level. The crisis is global: all kinds of security blankets, what we thought we knew and could count on, the apparent control we had over our lives, our plans, our relationships, our financial stability, our health, our imagined immortality, our freedoms, etc… so much is crumbling or being turned on it’s head, all at once, for so many. And yes there is grief, anger, vulnerability and helplessness.
All initiations are still self initiations, but the time has come that more of humanity take that step towards 1st Initiation, and in an unprecedented way, we are taking this step ALONE – TOGETHER!
When in your life time has something ever really touched EVERYONE!?!? And not just touched, but sustained this shaking us awake… back to LIFE!
Will we be going back to business as usual after this “passes” (if that’s the case and whatever that will actually mean)? I whole heartedly believe that that depends on whether more of us take this invitation to move towards 1st Degree Soul Initiation or not. What I do know for sure is that, once you know something, once you have seen it clearly (in your inner world), it can not be unknown, it can not be unseen! Thank you Corona for making things so obvious… and at such a bargain!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
With love, respect, and power