I gazed at his beauty as we made love
His hair began to gray, thin, until it had all fallen out
His body and face wrinkled and sagged
I watched with eyes wide open as my beloved’s body withered away before my eyes.
He remained inside me, making sweet soft love to me.
I sobbed and sobbed.
Yes, the day will come when these two animals who love and trust each other so profoundly will have to say goodbye
His body reached decay.
And now what? What is left?
I felt the incredible love of these two souls, housed temporarily in these two bodies
The soul level agreements to support each other to evolve
I wept and wept at the depth of such love.
“I know you” I felt. I am certain! And we will meet again. Until then fare well my love!
Our love making became even sweeter, the preciousness of THIS moment
And now what?
I saw our souls and other souls dancing about like fireflies in the night. Little specks of light
Enveloped and sustained by a dense darkness
Although there were so many, the darkness was so vast!
And there we were
The Holy Trinity: Spirit – Soul – Body
We were always One, and we will continue to be One.
And now what?
Our bodies continued to love each other, deeply, softly, profoundly. We hardly spoke at all over the 9 hours we spent in this vortex today. We simply loved and enjoyed THIS impermanent moment
Soul Intimacy
YOU beloved, are my medicine!
Through our union I see, I touch, I taste, I remember… the absolute
I gave my consent in the Sahara Desert to be pierced and penetrated by Spirit.
I asked: “what needs to die” at the Oracle of Siwa
“Me!” was the answer.
I gasped. I cried. I put my sword down. I surrendered
Grace me, guide me, show me, I am in service.
Spirit penetrates my soul, my soul is the rider of this fierce and wise animal body.
This is The Holy Trinity as it lives in me, Here, Now!
Every moment, every breath, every touch, carries the seed of The Holy Trinity.
Whether I recognize it or not,
whether I celebrate it or not,
whether I let it empower me or not
Every moment is a portal!
And this is how I celebrate the Holy Trinity in my life today!!
Blessings to you beloveds however you are honoring the Holy Trinity, today and every day!