It was only this morning that I really believed this down deep in my soul. And it is thanks to yesterday’s Equinox Meditation. How it was received, experienced at the time, and the feedback I have received regarding it’s affects over the past 24 hours. During the meditation I referred to teachings, language, and concepts that so far I have only done so in closed groups or in the context of the esoteric school I am a part of. Most of those who joined have not been exposed to either. And in your closing sharings you were using simliar referrences, and words, to describe your experience as in the teachings. You actually “got it”. And for many it not only caused noticeable impact on your state of being or your life, but it also stuck! (as in: it anchored)
You see, for over a week I have been “arguing” with the teachings. I have been feeling: no, you were wrong, no we are not ready as a humanity, not yet, you made a mistake, can’t you see!?!?!? And this morning it was so clear, YES WE GOT THIS!
I was wrong! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all those who showed up and shared and gave feedback and have messaged!!! This has changed my life! I will not hesitate again to share about Life Force activation and the teachings. I know it’s needed, and now I know it can be received and digested!
So my fellow humans, souls in the process of embodiment, initiates… THIS is the fork on the road I have been referring to. It has started and will build up to 2025. We may be given numerous invitations/ opportunities over these 5 years. Even when things are looking gloomy, here is the Punchline: choose Love over Fear, and invoke Life Force to support you. Tahdah!
This is the time that has been written about, and which some of us have been reading about, debating, contemplating, meditating on for decades. What has been set in motion in the human experience, what has been stirred in the collective, the energies which have started to land in such apparent ways, none of that can be undone. It is time!
The decision was made some time back that humanity can be trusted to decide on its own fate. No more regulating the energy flow from the ethers. So as the energy that used to be regulated as needed or as deemed appropriate is now starting to flow to us full power, what is it is going to em-power? Survival and strategy based ego or soul? Fear or Love? Again… the Punchline: choose Love over Fear, and invoke Life Force to support you. Tahdah!
Yeah… WE GOT THIS!!!
If you are interested in some of the relevant esoterics from the Transhimalayan tradition, here you go!

(For those following the Transhimalayan teachings and/ or Shamballa School: Remember, if we invoke hierarchy the externalization process could happen over the next quarter century!)

“At this time the Second Ray soul of the planet is trying to exert influence upon the Third Ray personality. The result as far as humanity as a whole is concerned is the opportunity to take the First Initiation. The energies of Vulcan and Pluto are at work to bring the resistant aspects of the personality to the surface and break the long-lasting and prevalent focus on materialism of which humanity on Earth is such an exponent. One result may be the freeing up of the world’s money supply.

What is needed from the disciples and initiates on the planet is a demonstration of the magnetic power of the Second Ray soul. Shamballa will awaken men from their slumber in materialism one way or another. This is part of the Decision being made at this time. Hierarchy [the community of liberated masters who embody the planetary heart chakra and guide evolution and awakening from the soul planes] have decided that humanity is ready. That humanity can intelligently understand and respond to the clear distinction between the spiritual values and the material ones. The educational work of the Hierarchy has seen to this. Everywhere the two positions are being articulated clearly. Whether or not humanity WILL choose is entirely up to them. And I mean that my brother.

Hierarchy have decided that it is time to offer the opportunity. We have set ourselves to respond as fully as possible to help if humanity invokes our aid, which we certainly want them to do. And we are prepared to offset the worst effects of a decision by humanity to ignore the spiritual opportunity and reinforce the old pattern of security and materialism. However, humanity is genuinely on its own in the decision-making process. How else could it be? Everywhere leaders are coming forth on both sides from within humanity, representing the best and worst of the developed human mind and heart. Humanity can and must choose its future. Hierarchy have made their decision and it is a defining one. They have decided to trust humanity to make the right choice for the future of the race and the planet. Consider this.

Remember that there are much bigger plans afoot on the planet and in the solar system than the self-centered problems which face humanity. Hierarchy have decided to place these larger plans at greater risk from the free will of man than has previously been the case.

Do not think that the power of free will—humanity’s power—can be arbitrarily applied. It cannot be given and then withdrawn if it is not used as we would like it. That would strike at the very root of the power itself.

Essentially, Hierarchy have decided that humanity can be trusted. Trusted, in the final analysis, to cooperate with the greater good. This is a tremendous statement and a tremendous decision. We are saying that humanity has been educated about the issues. They are informed, generally speaking, taking humanity as a whole. Democracy requires an informed populace. Hierarchy and the Second Ray ashram has worked hard over the last one hundred years to disseminate the information humanity needs to base a decision upon. Now is the time to make that decision. The genuine giving of a free choice is an act not only of trust but also an act that precipitates crisis. Somewhere, semi-consciously, humanity feels the weight of the increased responsibility. It is this which is creating the crisis, because humanity knows that there is no turning away from this decision and that either way it will be terminal.

What I mean by that is: If humanity choose to reassert the power of the Third Ray planetary personality [that part of our planetary life governed by intelligence over heart, mind over love, and survival] this will result in the end of a cycle and the pronouncement of failure by the planetary soul to achieve its intended results in this cycle. Of course other cycles will provide other possibilities, but this cycle would be over, possibly resulting in the destruction of the incarnated human family in large part…. If humanity choose to assert the power of the Second Ray soul [that part of our planetary life governed by love, heart, wisdom and soul], it will result in the almost immediate externalisation of the Hierarchy (and by ‘immediate’ I mean over the next quarter century) [by this he means the emergence of a global soul-based culture based on unity]. For this, Hierarchy have been steadily preparing. Do you see that it cannot be otherwise? One possibility cannot exist without the other. It is what you would call a ‘make or break’ situation. It will result—if successful—in humanity as a whole taking the First Initiation and the coming into ‘birth’ of the Christ and his Hierarchy [the emergence of the masters and the initiates in humanity taking up positions of influence] in the heart of humanity.” This transmission was given to Bruce Lyon from the Tibetan Master D.K. in 2001


“The period up until 2025 will be seen in hindsight to be one of deep conflict and suffering, as well as enormous opportunity. The suffering will be accepted and embraced by advanced members of humanity, for they know that it is not meaningless but suffering with a purpose. That purpose will begin to dawn on humanity as a whole by the time 2025 arrives. One of the reasons for the giving out of this teaching now is to strengthen the spirit of disciples, preparing them for a prolonged period of intense struggle ahead.

There are many souls in incarnation now who carry what might be called the seeds of darkness—a higher ‘non-dual’ or divine darkness that is in reality a blinding light. These souls are the disciples and initiates who are able to esoterically ‘see in the dark light’. That seeing will enable them to stand firm and secure through the period of testing ahead.

Indeed this is how the power structures and resources of the world will shift from the planetary personality to the planetary soul. In times of deep crisis the personality is unable to offer solutions—it is blinded and revealed for what it essentially is—a very clever survival system. Those who are soul-infused will be able to stand and withstand the blast of spirit as forerunners of the Externalisation [of the planetary soul] process and heralds of the new civilisation. Indeed for them it will also be a time of great joy, as they will witness the things they have stood and fought for over many years finally able to break through the cracks in the old and crumbling world order.

Esoterically they can anchor themselves in the future, in the time window of 2025 where the light of victory is breaking even now. There the hour is always now. These teachings are designed to provide an energetic antahkarana [bridge] to that future ever-present light.” From the book by D.K through Bruce Lyon, Occult Cosmology, pages 40-41


“What will be the cultural keynote of the Seventh Ray Aquarian Age? At the onset of this Age we have what I have previously called the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. This is really the emergence of those in whom the great revelation has taken place. Souls who have already become free, who know they are essentially divine, will build a culture and civilisation based on entirely different fundamentals. This is why the world is in and will continue to experience such crisis in this cycle between 2000 and 2050. The crisis is caused by two fundamentally different world views colliding with each other as we transition from one to the other. This is why the world is in and will continue to experience such crisis in this cycle between 2000 and 2050. The crisis is caused by two fundamentally different world views colliding with each other as we transition from one to the other.

Most children born in the West before 1950 were raised with the inherent belief that they were basically, fundamentally bad but could be trained and thus earn the right to be productive members of society. Children born between 1950 and 2000 began to be raised in a different reality—that they were fundamentally good and education was more a drawing of that goodness out of them rather than a putting it into them. The first half of this group are coming in to power in the world now and they are a generation who experienced a great deal of psychological angst and are driven by the need to make a contribution to changing the world so that it matches more clearly their inner reality. The generation that will grow up and come to power beyond 2050 will have transcended the good/bad duality of the cuspal time and be the true harbingers of the New Age based on the unshakeable reality, the Seventh Ray rock of essential divinity.

Within these broad fifty year periods it is useful to also make divisions. The first quarter of a fifty year period is governed by a change in consciousness, but this change is not yet felt in the heart or expressed in activity. This change is currently taking place up until 2012. The second quarter sees this change being experienced at a more emotional level and this leads to a point of tension—2025. The third quarter brings the new energy into the etheric body and so it begins to change activity and behaviour to conform to its inherent patterns. And finally in the fourth quarter the physical body—the forms and structures of society—are patterned around the original blueprint that arrived at the beginning of the cycle.

So what will the culture of a Seventh Ray Aquarian Age look like?

  1. Light supernal. I have already given out much about this peculiar sevenfold synthetic light that flows from the atmic plane. This light will reveal the hidden mystery at the heart of substance. It will thus make possible a new form of energy that can be harnessed by humanity. It will also change the relationship of the human kingdom to the other kingdoms in nature. The mystery of electricity.
  2. Love eternal. This is the mystery that lies behind all polarity. Duality will no longer be seen as a reason for battle. The Martian tendencies of the Sixth Ray Age will be replaced with the beneficent magic of Jupiter. Both sides of all polarities will be seen as equally divine and the charge between them will be seen as a precious generator of love. Relationships of all kinds will be transformed.
  3. Life more abundant. The living power of God will be released upon the physical plane. The result will be a greater freedom from fear, a simpler way of living that frees up economic resources and makes possible a truly creative life. That creativity will extend to the role of our civilisation in the galaxy. The secret of Fire and the energy of Uranus.
  4. The Presence of Divinity. Peace, Joy and Freedom will be terms that signify something far deeper and more pervasive in the life of human experience than it is currently possible to feel or express. The suffering of the soul is great in the current cycle and will even increase over the next period, but it is suffering with a purpose, suffering that will bring in a new birth, the birth of humanity as a self-conscious divine being.”   Occult Cosmology