Thank you for this. It seems like you truly have a gift for healing! I feel that my time with you was pivotal in my journey… in my own acknowledgement of sexual trauma, catharsis and healing. When my mind tries to understand it, I’m not sure how everything came out, but there was something about your deep presence and trust in the process allowed what needed to flow to come through me. You were very intuitive in the flow of the session and every opening and every invitation seemed to spill forth effortlessly from you in that space. It was really magical. I was in a sort of trance like state, completely trusting. I felt very held by you in the session space, and I could feel how sacred that connection and that calling was to you, which allowed me to surrender to you as a divine channel. Dealing with the rape trauma was really an incredible release. I also loved how we worked with all the men who I have stories and hurts with. That was a powerful experience for me. I am so grateful for having had time with you and I feel that it has been a huge healing. With love and eternal gratitude!