When I found the Shakti groups… I discovered a powerful way to my center and my heart. I have gained beautiful tools to break limiting patterns inside me. I am beginning to trust more and more in my true nature, in my strength… It has been a journey into my essence and my femininity. The love and care of the group, and the guidance and presence of Taki’h, created a safe space full of love where I could open up… I feel lighter because I could get rid of a very heavy luggage full of emotions, thoughts and conditioning that no longer serve me. I feel stronger because I’m letting go of the fear of being myself. I feel centered because I’m opening to what the Universe has to offer me. I feel like I’m rescuing my femininity and my body. I feel full of light, life and love. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to my essence. I feel I’m ready to love and be loved, to give and receive… I feel I’m expanding. Taki’h thank you for helping me to get out what lay so deep in me! And thank you to all Shaktis!