When I met Taki’h the first time I got a strong feeling that she really lives the way she teaches. There is this authenticity in her as a result of her own experiences.

In her workshops, she really has the ability to create a safe space to experience and learn. What I really like about the way she teaches is that she doesn’t push anything, rather it’s a gentle guidance that lets you perceive on your own.

I loved the couples workshop. It was a great reminder of the importance of gratitude, acceptance, presence, trust and most of all, the freedom to be me. It’s sometimes quite overwhelming to be in a soulmate relationship, the growth really tends to be intense. I wish every couple would take the time and the effort to invest in their relationship through attending these workshops. They don’t teach you how to thrive in a relationship in school. The thing that also really resonated with me in the workshop, was bringing the sacred back into my and our life. Its something that is easily forgotten nowadays but also one of the keys, I think it can change the relationship from a habit to a beautiful journey.

I highly recommend Takih’s workshops to anyone, who is interested in the tantric way of living. Its really a safe space to explore