To begin with I would like to thank Taki’h and Timo for being so present in your own path, to have the courage to live your passion with such dedication. The honesty and clarity with which you shared your own experiences made a difference for me. It also showed me that this is a way of life, a continuous learning. I learned that Tantra is not mystic hula-hula stuff, it’s a daily practice, actually a very simple one, not easy, but certainly simple.

I love how you were relaxed but professional, how you managed to be direct and assertive but leave everybody comfortable enough to be sharing the space with strangers.

I like that after attending some course I can by myself try it out as much as possible without having the need for another course, and I felt that you had the concern that we could practice on our own later.

Above all, it was a relaxed, cozy, completely friendly. We finished 1 hour later and nobody noticed! That is how comfortable we were, being naked, with strangers less then 2 meters away in all directions. Amazing!!!! And to reinforce that, we even made new friends. How about that!!!

I would actually give a different name to these sessions, as people fear this big name Tantra . I would call it “New skills to become a better human”, or, “Find your new self and share it with your partner”, or something like that. The lessons I got there with Taki’h and Timo were teachings for life, good reminders of the essence of life, relationships and inner/spiritual wellbeing. Of course, being a better person also means being a better lover.