I have discovered that the woman I always wanted to be is actually inside me and that she was not encouraged to exist. She was not encouraged to be the way she is but now I know and I want her to thrive, to live! I want to keep all that I got in the workshop in me. I discovered inside myself who I am and I like what I saw. My husband even said: how beautiful you look, how alive! Last week, taking advantage of the energy in me that was still so powerful in my body from the group, I went to talk to a woman who is the owner of a therapy center. It’s been a long time that I have had her contact information and I did not call, but last week I finally felt it was time. And it went great! I want to contact more people to jumpstart my working life again. To be honest, I even looked at tickets to India, I want to continue what we started working on! I hope it is not too long until the next group.