I have witnessed her in deep sisterhood love to me and to all the Chinese women participants… It is amazing how much energy she has and how she shares it with all of us. She has great strength, purity, insights, wisdom and clarity. I love her ability to penetrate to the truth out of love and compassion. She is like a forest with huge mother trees. Her energy is huge even though she is very slim, and it is beautiful to watch her masculine come through her as it is so powerful, grounded, and sharp! We have all been very touched, encouraged, and inspired by her… She goes deep and straight with awareness… Her work is love. The way she is and her teachings are so rare and precious for us Chinese women… Taki’h models her teachings in the group room and in how she lives her own path in her daily life. She is real, authentic and clear. She is so real all the time, in the group room, during the breaks, hanging out, while shopping, in her hotel room, she is real! She is simple, warm and caring. And this is precious to find in a facilitator! Participants ask me: “When will she be back to China?” “How can we find her and follow her whole teachings?” It is no wonder why each time in her groups there are 40-50 people and she is holding that space alone for 6-8 days!