I absolutely love my Tachyon. It is super powerful. Each time I use it I set an intention for its purpose.

I’ve been drawing in healing. From having sudden ovarian failure nearly 10 years ago at 32 I honestly can only put my positive symptom changes down to the Tachyon… the symptoms that effected me the most were vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, lack of sex drive and turn on, clitoral stimulation to orgasm was way to fast… and sex was painful.

NOW My pussy is plump and juicy, my sex drive is coming back, turn on is back, Orgasms are deeper and longer and I take much longer to climax and can fully surrender to the journey there… sex is way less painful and improving all the time… Sometimes when I sleep with my egg in I can feel my muscles pulsating by themselves… This year I had a period for the first time since the age of 32 and I am 42 now, and I believe it was a blockage of emotional energy the Tachyon helped dislodge.

Healing was the intention and it’s been a process since I bought my Tachyon products: The ULTRA spheres, tachyon egg, and the classic wand. I can’t say that this healing was for sure from Tachyon but I have not done anything else.

If you choose Tachyon products I’d invite you to make it a ritual and set intention before each use…

I LOVE my Tachyon