Thank you Taki’h for your guidance! Beautiful how in such a short time we could get closer and more intimate, more connected. Such beneficial journeys for our relationship! And at the same time these evenings were precious personal journeys, I really could look at what was there with me: my longings and my hindrances.

I appreciate the honesty and authenticity in Takih’s and Timo’s presence and the way they create and hold space. There was an atmosphere of trust, easiness and simplicity. Takih’s guidance was clear – I could feel her experience and knowledge. Taki’h set up the evening with short and profound theory which itself was already very valuable and resonated in my heart. The way she lead us into exercises was very encouraging and supportive. That made it easy to let go and explore. There was no need to be anything or reach anything. Whatever there was, it felt that we were already ‘there’.

I’m really looking forward to her workshops as an individual and as a couple. I’m sure I’ll find something very valuable with her guidance. Thank you for this opportunity!