She is truly one of kind healer, a real gift to humanity blessed with strong, almost mystical powers. Her sensitivity to energies is profound and she has an extraordinary ability to move them in a way that will generate a strong healing process. The 2 hours with her changed my life and I am in gratitude to her for the rest of my life. I walked into the treatment as a human being waiting for some sort of sexual healing, and I walked out as the whole cosmos! The experience was magical. Nothing I could have expected.

She gently guided me through my first ever cosmic or whole-bodily orgasms. A real surprise and a miracle really for someone who has a problem with even the normal orgasms. That shows the lengths she can aid you in your spiritual path. And the effect has been permanent. I was afraid it would not happen outside her treatment but in the following two days I experienced these energy releases in tens and now I am counting already in hundreds. It can be a sound, vision, touch or smell, anything can trigger the energy surge and the consequent release. It really is beautiful. I also took a second session with her to learn techniques that will awaken the kundalini in case it gets lazy again 🙂 Haven’t had to use them yet, but they worked nicely in the session. She is very clear and sympathetic in her teaching. It feels very natural to share every aspect of yourself with her. You truly feel you are in loving, understanding, appreciating, supporting and capable hands.

This new energy shooting up and down in my veins, activated in these sessions, feels electrical, healing and loving in quality. My body is much warmer all the time and I feel very energized. The bliss lifts my spirits and the overall effect is a more harmonious, cheerful life. As a Tantrica, the changes in my Chakra system gained from 1 treatment with her has given me the express highway to new, beautiful levels.

So you see why I am in eternal gratitude to this wonderful woman. From the depths of my heart, thank you for the life changing meetings with your soul Taki’h!