I finally met my “Self” after 41 years. The course was intense and I am left full of enthusiasm and hope, with more peace in my heart, a thousand creative ideas, charged with energy, and a very comforting feeling of having learned the road to my heart. I intensively explored the pure essence inside me, I healed past wounds, and I listened to my soul with love. For the first time in my life I listened to my soul’s… prayers, I committed to its needs, I accepted its suggestions, I valued its strengths, and I feel especially blessed by my soul’s presence. In this group I feel protected, loved and respected, and I feel privileged to have a safe place for my voice and heart! Taki’h thank you for sharing your knowledge masterfully with us, for your love and understanding, and for facilitating this group with tenderness and safety. This has been a beautiful journey to my soul! This has been an incredibly healing experience. What I want to say to other women is: Give yourself the best gift… THIS group!!! YOU DESERVE IT, IT IS YOUR RIGHT!!!