Taki’h has a deep and genuine drive for authenticity, honesty and awakening. I have been witness to her path unfolding over several years now and admire the combination of dedication and grace she brings to her journey. In that time we have also become soul friends and collaborators in the great adventure of love and awareness that is moving on the planet. It is rare to find a woman who has developed a healthy and strong masculine that fully supports her feminine. Taki’h is such a woman. I experience a deep trust that she can be relied on to have my back when I am under fire, to challenge me when I am out of my own centre, and to stand up for love in the world regardless of the consequences. These are traits I look for in a brother. Taki’h not only has these but also the grace and radiance of a developed feminine and a heart that seeks to reach out and support others in their journey. Those who get to work with her will be grateful for her integrity. She may fly with you to the heights but her feet will never leave the ground and her heart is married to the earth. …The fountain is simply there inviting us to drink our fill. Most people take small sips. Some take long drinks, like camels and slip back into the desert. Rare beings like Taki’h break the carrying pot and become the water of life itself!