Depth, sensitivity and humility are perhaps the most important qualities a Tantra & Sexuality practitioner needs to have if they want to offer an authentic space to accelerate your transformation. Taki’h is without a doubt one of those rare practitioners… I can say with confidence that she is one of the most integrated and evolved practitioner out there in the field today… It seemed that she was in tune with what my body, soul and heart needed, almost more than I was. What Taki’h offered surpassed anything I could imagine… The levels of healing, trauma release and support that I felt were priceless. Taki’h is just in a different league. Maybe a cosmic one. With her support I have moved through some of my deepest pains around sexuality, fear and tension, and have understood in depth some of my past and childhood experiences which I didn’t even consider related until that point. If… you are willing to step out of the darkness of social conditioning and into your true center and inner peace, to see and be seen for who you really are and can be, I greatly recommend working with Taki’h. Honestly, she is probably one of the best in the world.