Tachyon Tantra Products

How did these tools come about ?

I started with a jade egg and another similar tool years ago, exercising and toning my yoni muscles. I then worked with different crystal eggs, this time instead of me working the egg the egg was working with me: the properties of the crystals were working on me for different healings and openings. This was guided by a shaman who would read the energy of the eggs after I had used them, match it to my energy, and give me specific cycles on how to use them based on the reading. I then thought: what if a Tachyon egg could be created, which would move source energy in both directions (what is referred to as Ultra in Tachyon). This would be perfect, because then that would cover everything!!! Purification, healing (physical, emotional, energetic), understanding of patterns, physical tonification, energetic activation, increase in pleasure and orgasmic potential, connection with spirit, everything! Perfect! Plus it would do away with the issue of which crystals are OK to have in your yoni or not, bacteria accumulating in the natural cracks of the crystals, cleaning, etc. So I worked with David Wagner, the founder of Tachyon, on different sizes for yoni eggs, and on a wand that could be used for healing as well as pleasure, which in the shamanic path I was following was made of obsidian (this is now the classic wand, pictured below). And this gave birth to the Tachyon Tantra products line, which is now quite vast and varied!

What is Tachyon anyway ?

I was introduced to Tachyon technology in 2008 through Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita, my Tantra teacher. Initially I could not feel anything, but I trusted it worked because she could feel it and so could my partner. I worked with faith, that just because I could not detect something with my senses does not mean it does not exist, and trusted that even though I could not perceive it, it was still working on me and I could benefit. Slowly, over time, thanks in part to continuing to use Tachyon products, my sensitivity increased and I was able to perceive and feel the effects of Tachyon as energy moving through me.

If you are not familiar with Tachyon I have included a picture below which is presented in the Tachyon website. Here is a brief definition: it is a faster then light particle which according to physics is “beyond velocity, omni-present, carries 100% potential of all form, beyond time, eternal…” Tachyon is considered by quantum physics to be the messenger of the Zero Point Field (ZPF), what people commonly think of as “source”. Both the zero point field and Tachyon have a “negative entropy”. Entropy is the process of decay and dying. Negative entropy means life in a state of rejuvenation and renewal.

Regarding the material used to create the Tachyon Tantra products: “Our fused quartz is very different than Earth-mined or lab grown crystal quartz. Our fused quartz, which is boron and silicon dioxide fused together, is borosilicate. It is not crystal quartz, which is porous and with impurities and shatters easily. Quartz is a silicon dioxide. Borosilicate is pure quartz fused with boron and if needed other trace minerals for specific traits. Our fused quartz is exactly that, silicon dioxide and boron, called borosilicate, creating a particular set of features rendering it harmless and shatter-resistant. It does not contain lead.” – Tachyon Team

What effects can the Tachyonized Tantra products have ?

9 months after I made my original request a range of Tachyonized Tantric Tools became available! I first started exploring with the Tachyonized Ultra Spheres (pictured below). Within minutes of inserting them inside my yoni I felt a rush of sexual excitement. I was very very aroused. I was also very tired, as I had just landed in China after 2 days of travel, but all I could do (all day!) was self-pleasure. It was crazy. My experience has been of very quick and strong heightened sexual arousal and pleasure, amongst other things!

I gave a set of Ultra spheres to my partner, to use in his anus, and within a couple of minutes, he feels sexually aroused. He loves it! And we both benefit from him wearing his Tachyon spheres! At first there was so much energy moving, I could not sleep if I had them in. But then I slowly got used to them, increased my capacity to handle more energy in my 1st and 2nd chakras, and now I can keep them in all day and all night if I want. This is the case for my partner as well. I also started to use them in my anus and I cannot believe how much more energy flow, sensitivity and awakening there is now in my entire pelvis. Before, I used to feel something like fireworks going off, somewhere deep in my yoni. Now I feel the same sensations throughout my whole yoni, anus, butt cheeks and even my inner thighs. My whole pelvic area has activated intensely! It is amazing! If I wear them a different way, then my energy body becomes very active and I am more sensitive in my auric field and go more into energetic arousal and meditative spaces. I am having fun experimenting with so many possibilities.

I have observed and heard from others a variety of effects including: feeling very “high” and elated; purification symptoms such as nausea and pain; a sense of centeredness; a sense of groundedness; agitation from all the energy moving through the system (a bit like the effects of caffeine or other stimulants); etc. Whatever needs purifying will come to the surface, that’s a good thing. Where there is overstimulation or understimulation of some energy, it will be brought to balance. It is different for everyone and the same person can experience different effects. Eventually, by continuing to use the Tachyonized Tantra products internally for longer periods of time, your system will begin to resonate with this frequency harmoniously.

Regarding Ultra-Spheres: each set is two balls held together by dental floss or string. They come in different sizes, so you can choose what you are most comfortable with. The larger the spheres the more energy they conduct while they are inside you. You can have sex with them in, without any problem, and possibly with benefit. Any size can be used in the anus or vagina.

Who are these Tachyon Tantra products for ?

You can benefit from these products if you:

  • rarely have orgasms;
  • have a lot of numbness in your yoni or anus;
  • do not often feel aroused;
  • suffer from any disease or illness (infections, etc) in your reproductive area (1st and 2nd chakras), or your digestive system if used anally;
  • want to increase your orgasmic capacity, energetic flow, and kundalini activation;
  • want to tone your yoni walls;
  • want to heal unhealthy imprints stored in your yoni, g-spot, cervix, womb or anus;
  • want to explore the connection between sex and spirit…

These are tools I deeply believe in, which is the only reason I am promoting them here. Other then this I have never sold or promoted any product in my whole life. After using other Tachyon products for years, I asked for this to be created and am thrilled that it is available now to all women and men for their healing and expansion. It is my dream come to reality! I know their potential and I want every woman and man that I meet to know about it too. These products are available on line, and through distributors. And yes, I am one.

There are several different types of healing and pleasure tools to explore with: Ultra spheres for yoni or anus, egg for yoni or anus (which is not Ultra so energy is released only from one side), anal plug for him and her, g-spot stimulator, pleasure wand which can be used vaginally or anally on yourself or another (or to activate any body part), sacred spot stimulator for him, and more.

Tachyonized belly button opals also work beautifully on removing imprints related to birth trauma (your own and giving birth), mother-issues (your own mother and being/ not being a mother), and promote self-love. I sincerely believe every woman and man should use these (only to be used after puberty). For those of us with wombs they are a great protection from absorbing random energies; I use this especially when I am leading groups, particularly when there will be emotional release, and when traveling.

For a full product list with details, please refer to the official website:


If you choose to purchase a product on line you can get a 10% discount by using the promotion code “takih” at the checkout! Please be aware that there is a VAT surcharge for shipping to the EU.

If you would like to order any of these products directly from me, want more information, or have any questions, please do let me know.

If you have purchased the Tachyon Ultra Spheres, here is an instructional video on how to string them so they stay together inside of you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_LUyugQU0U&feature=youtu.be

In their words…