Do you want to connect to your soul?

Do you wish to find meaning in your life?

Here is an important Key!:

So what usually holds us back from connecting to our soul or living with meaning and purpose, is “survival” mentality. This is sustained by what we call the animal part of us, the personality, the body-mind, and ego. This is the part of us that cries out: “I have mouths to feed and bodies to protect, I don’t have the luxury of spiritual aspiration!” Living your soul’s purpose in this scenario is a distant dream indeed, a Disney fair-tale. So what if this is my reality, or something close to it? Is spiritual aspiration, connection to your soul or having meaning in your life really only for the privileged few? While it may feel that way, No it is not.

When living your soul’s purpose in this life feels like a distant fairy tale, when you are feeling that you are struggling, when there appears to be a lack of time, a lack of money and resources, a lack of higher vision, a lack of love, a lack of patience, etc… Ask yourself: “What am I meant to LEARN from THIS?” Whatever the situation may be, let the default be: what is the lesson I’m meant to learn?

That’s it! That’s the key!!! This is the simplest and fastest way to begin to connect to your soul’s purpose, to why you are here on this planet, to the meaning of your life. It is not esoteric, mystical, or even spiritual. It is grounded, practical, and tangible.

It is a key to the door of your soul!

Yes, it requires you to take responsibility for your life. In practical terms that means not blaming others or circumstances for having/ not having a particular situation. It also requires the courage, discipline and self-love to not go into victim, poor me stories, and “pity-parties”.

Yes it requires that you believe that there is a bigger picture to this life, beyond the little details, a meaning and purpose to it all… and therefore, lessons to be learned!

Yes it requires the maturity to actually reflect on the lessons you are meant to learn through any given experience. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks! These lessons are about you and how you live your life, not in a way that creates contraction (ex: I should not trust people, I’m meant to struggle, I’m not good enough, etc.), but in a way that creates expansion and the opportunity to grow! The key lesson is never about the other person (that may come as a by-product), it is always about yourself. This is where freedom can be found, because you can do something about that! You can not change others or circumstances to suit you all the time, and focusing at this level reduces you to a “slave”… dependent on whether this person or that situation changes to suit me or not. Don’t waste your time and energy this way! When you look at yourself, this brings liberation from the bondages within, which are then reflected in the external circumstances you are creating and attracting! (I will expand on this in a follow up piece about “responsibility”, but for now let this sink in and start applying the mentality shift.)

This process is a cornerstone in my everyday life!

It is my sincerest belief that existence (God, the Goddess, the universe, life, whatever you want to call it) is kind and very supportive, and it wants me to learn and grow and expand and heal and be free! I believe I’m supported to learn what I was meant to learn in this life so that I can fulfill my soul’s calling and live my life’s purpose. So everything, EVERYTHING, is an opportunity to learn something about myself and how I live life. And if I don’t learn the lesson the first time around existence is kind enough to give me another opportunity, and another, and another… each time making it more obvious/ intense, because it is supporting me to learn and grow and evolve!!! This is actually existence saying: “I care, I love you, see this!” Once you have learned the lesson, really learned it and integrated it, it’s done! Yes, that is it! (You can also call this: burning Karma.)

It is in the process of inquiring about the lessons, changing your mind set to start seeing life this way, that you begin to connect to purpose, to meaning, to soul, step by step. And in this process you cultivate so much compassion, acceptance and love for yourself, and for others. This in itself is healing, transformational and expansive. I guarantee you that if you actually apply this in your daily life it will be impossible to stay in “survival” mentality. The veil will be removed and the struggle will be replaced by opportunity, choice, beauty, abundance, truth, love, freedom. This is how I live and I can tell you it is amazing! It is not always easy, but it is always absolutely amazing.

Will your life change if you actually do this? Absolutely, guaranteed. Are you afraid of that? Most likely. That is common and it doesn’t have to stop you. Do you feel resistance? Probably. Do you feel any excitement or even relief as well? I am guess that is there too. Is it a coincidence that you are reading this? Hmmmmm. When people speak to me of coincidences, or accidents, etc, my response is always the same: do you still believe that Santa Clause is bringing you gifts every Christmas?


So my dear, what are you waiting for?

Open up to your soul, and open up to real magic in life!

This is a key… USE IT!