Honoring teachers on my path

Ananda Sarita

I met Sarita in 2008 just after my birthday. I knew nothing about Tantra and I ended up in her group because they needed more female participants. Existence is very kind indeed! Right from the beginning I was initiated into Tantra by one of the best channels of this path alive today. Her emphasis on meditation and love, the safe held container she ensures, and the range of Tantric practices she offers are unparalleled. I remember asking her for a consultation during that first group. I explained how fucked up my sexuality was, I shared about my abuse history, my wounds and my disconnection, and I concluded I was broken in some unrepairable way. She smiled that Sarita smile and gave me this advice (which by the way I pass on every possible chance I get ): play with sexuality like a 5 year old! I had no idea what that meant, but I was desperate so I started to experiment.

This was my first entry point into the world of Tantra! It took me years but slowly but surely I reclaimed the innocence, joy, spontaneity, and divinity of my sexuality! I must admit, when I first met Sarita her angelic-like energy triggered the hell out of me. But my partner wanted to go through the Soulmate journey with her, and no other teacher out there offered such a comprehensive journey for couples. I reluctantly accepted. I discovered that what triggered me in her, were the aspects of my femininity I could not own, I judged, I feared, I rejected. This resulted in a deep journey into my own femininity and in the process I discovered what it means to be a woman.

I journeyed deep into Tantra as a couple with my beloved with her unwavering support for my relationship. I am grateful for the guidance I received from her on what it means to walk the path of Tantra in relationship. After participating in the full Soulmate journey we began to assist it, and eventually also taught parts of it. And thanks to the work on my femininity I began to offer women’s groups. One of Sarita’s greatest gifts is to be able to see the soul of a person, and nourish it to blossom. We journeyed together for 8 years during which time I was her student, apprentice, organizer, co-facilitator, team-member, and friend. I am eternally grateful for the flowering I went through with her support.

Bruce Lyon


I have been journeying with Bruce since 2013 as a teacher, mentor and friend. I am grateful for the priceless transmissions and support I have received through him on integrating my own masculine, consolidating my inner union, and letting my soul shine! I worked fiercely for a decade on healing the masculine imprint I carried from men in my life. Then I met Bruce! And that is when I started to work on integrating my own masculine within me, shifting it from unhealthy to healthy and letting him shine unapologetically. In particular, Bruce supported me to express my dark masculine, whose incredible power I was unaware of.

I had spent most of my life ashamed of this part of me, desperately trying to hide it from the world. He helped me see that this is the very energy the world needs, in its healthy integrated version. With that came a sense of wholeness, no longer needing to project out my needs, fears and desires to the men in my life. It has been an incredible journey, with Bruce’s support, of going into the dark and light aspects of the masculine, and deep into the shadows of both, for myself personally and for the collective.From this sprouted my journey into my inner union; and let me just say my feminine wanted nothing to do with my masculine originally! Bruce tirelessly reminds us all that it is this union to which we must be committed first and foremost, while choosing to engage with others or not. I am proud to say that now my inner union has not only been consummated but it is solid! Bruce is a beacon of light, sounding the call for souls to hear far and wide, to remember and to come back home. Consistently, continuously!

Thank you Bruce for holding this point, what feels like a lighthouse in the tumultuous rocky waters of much of today’s world. Thank you for modeling the center point of the cross of inner polarities! It is my honor and privilege to support you as I sound my soul’s note next to yours, committed to the landing and anchoring of the modern mystery schools and temples. As a 7th Ray Soul myself, I am proud to support Highden, A 7th Ray Mystery School in NZ, where bodies, hearts and souls can heal, integrate and shine in community! I am grateful for this great adventure, which has led to me to know myself as a soul, to relate from this perspective, and to own my soul calling in this life. Priceless!

Akash Dharmaraj

By the fall of 2005 I was at a very very low point in my life. I was 29, based in Delhi, a well-paid diplomat working for the UN and I was miserable! My usual ways of resolving things weren’t working. Then I received some of the most devastating personal news I had ever gotten. It was a Wednesday. I couldn’t stop crying for three days straight. That Saturday I met my teacher, Akash Dharmaraj. It was the time of my Saturn return, the Angels and Guides were surely smiling upon me to bring me to her at the very beginning of my journey.

The bar was set very high. She is the cleanest person and facilitator I have ever met, the best combination of east and west I have come across, and personally models a balance between body, heart, mind and spirit. I have always called her my teacher, without a qualifier. Because she is my teacher, of life! I worked with her for 7 years in India, bringing balance to my own mind, body and emotions. She eventually trained me as a Transactional Analysis therapist, and I practiced Guridjieff’s 4th Way Sacred Movements and Teachings with her during that time as well. During this time I focused on healing wounds, breaking patterns, increasing the capacity of my container, plugging up the holes of leaking energy, and opening more and more to the flow of energy, creativity, spirit, magic, mystery.

I discovered real freedom, a freedom born from deep within, the freedom to be me, simply and fully. I am still on that journey. And as I look back on how far I have come all I can say is: wow and thank you! What I learned with her is still the foundation of everything I do, and it is because of this work that everything else has fertile soil in which to take root and anchor. While she is no longer practicing, it brings my heart, my body, and my soul great joy to know that her transmission of real love and real freedom exist, and that this transmission lives on through her students as we share it in our unique way.