For a woman to be comfortable with a man’s feminine in an intimate relationship she must first be at peace and own her feminine and her masculine. Then she doesn’t have to project her masculine out to a men to step in and fill the gap, and doesn’t need to strictly hold a man to fit the “man” role/ part. Likewise there’s no competition between her feminine and your feminine men, if she is secure in her feminine. And it works the other way around too. For a man to be comfortable with a woman’s masculine, he needs to be secure in his masculine and in his feminine, so there is no competition between the two brothers or two sisters, and so that he is not going to her empty handed hoping she fills the empty hole of the “feminine” in his life.


So men who are finding it hard for your feminine to be accepted by your partner(s), I ask you:

* do you accept, welcome and embrace your partner’s (her) masculine?

* have you accepted your own feminine or are you waiting for your partner to make time and space, approve or encourage her to come out?

* how much attention do you give to your feminine, how well do you know her and how do you nourish her? Or are you waiting for an external woman to complete you?

(Yes, women you can ask yourself the same questions in reverse!!!)


Having said all that, a beautiful bridge is also there, when perhaps it’s not all integrated yet (and who can’t still grow?!?!?!). Instead of shaming or rejecting the feminine in men and the masculine in women, as their partner we can consciously (key word here!) use positive projection and grow from the modeling and transmission! The key is to not forget this is a bridge so that “I too can embody this…”. To be honest, my partner uses positive projection with my masculine and my feminine and grows from it heaps. And me too with his feminine and masculine. There is gold here to be harvested folks!!!


I know I’m lucky to have this dynamic in my relationship, and I know my partner is lucky too. I know it’s rare, I have no illusions around this. In my previous relationships it was not like this, and it was painful. It is only when I honored all of me, fully, that I could attract someone who did as well!


I love my partner’s feminine. His maiden is so pure and not wounded, unlike mine. It’s a modeling that inspires me and I grow from! She is also super sensual, sexy as hell, insatiable, huge heart, lover of beauty and a budding priestess. She’s my sister and I adore her!!! I love making love to her, from my masculine and from my feminine and even both. I could never go back to less!


You can grow and learn from how your feminine (if you are a man) or your masculine (if you are a woman) is treated!!! You can grow and learn from how YOU treat your feminine (if you are a man) or your masculine (if you are a woman)! Spoiler alert: it’s usually reflected externally in how you treat your opposite sex partner or in your relationship dynamic.