Hiya folks! So for the first time ever I’m feeling like Mr. Bean here. Actually I’m phrasing it as: what does survival have to do with TP (toilet paper)? Ok we all want comfort, nothing wrong with that, but TP? (See my previous post on the fear in your base).
So a little satire for us this Sunday afternoon. Humor helps relieve tension, anxiety and stress! Who can identify with Golum here? Go ahead, it’s ok, no one will make you return the TP. No but seriously, TP is directly related to the base right? (duh!) Right! Base is related to fear around survival. So yes, a little comfort, but not at the material level, clearly much deeper then that. As my friend Masha Duna put it, TP is to those fearing CV19 “what a security blanket is to a distressed child”. Brilliantly put!
So here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement): if you are running out, do not panic!!! there are always options! YES! So not only is Asia into cleaning bums with this water spritzer hose thingy, the Finns are too! I was shocked about this when I first moved here. But it’s true. My beloved even had a special water toilet (instead of dry toilet) built at the sea-side cottage just so he could have one there (there’s no sewage). So as the Finns encourage us in this advert: “be like Pekka! Use the water hose.”
Yes it’s hygienic. Just wash your hands afterwards which you would do anyway if you were using TP.
So if the Finns are use to the water hose, and they aren’t panicking, and the government hasn’t shut down anything or closed borders yet (see my previous post praising the Finns for how they are handling this situation), and there are people at the gym, restaurants, bars and streets… then why does my local supermarket, and others, look like this in the TP aisle?!?!? Gasp! Yes that is right down stairs, picture taken yesterday and Timo’s family living in other areas reported the same with pictures to prove it. 
Hmmmmmm… Well… Since I’ve yet to read the answer from someone who actually overstocked on TP anywhere on the planet, or hear their interview, I’m left to assume that the Finns just didn’t want to be left out of the TP Party!!!
So… Are we having a TP party or what??? So instead of distressed children, can we be authentic children and play? Dress up in TP? Decorate with TP? Create art with TP? Come on folks!!! Let’s get creative!!! Send me pix of your TP party!!!
FYI: The 2020 collector’s item earrings are an exclusive LIMITED ITEM! Much like the TP available on the planet currently. You can start bidding on those! Buahahahahahhahahhahahahaha
Lots of love to you all!