Shakti Spiral:

The Embodiment of a Modern Tantric Woman!

I spent over two decades of my life, feeling it would have been easier and better if I had been born in a man’s body instead, and the idea that divine qualities exist in human beings was completely foreign to me. It has been a deeply profound and beautiful journey for me to accept, love and celebrate myself as a woman and as a divine and sacred being. The work I share reflects the highlights and essence of this journey. From my own experience and that of thousands of women I have worked with, I know that when we are in each other’s company consciously it is as if we are plugging directly into source, coming back home, feeling nourished, rejuvenated and empowered.

The following are the themes that I believe need to be explored for any woman to feel complete and in union within herself, with the world around her, and with the divine. This is a map of how a woman can walk the path of Tantra in her daily life, the embodiment of a modern Tantric Woman. Through the Shakti Spiral journey we become aware of projections; bring to light and heal wounding around femininity, self-love, our bodies, sensuality and sexuality; address unsatisfying or unhealthy behavioural patterns; honour and value our needs, desires and voice; remove layers of conditioning which repress the expression of our true nature; receive guidance from our internal wisdom and intuition; empower our feminine energy and strength; develop and strengthen our healthy inner masculine; benefit from our inner union (our feminine and masculine); connect with the higher and divine qualities of The Goddess within each of us; and know ourselves as a Soul with a purpose in this life. This is the journey of living your life with love, consciousness, sacredness, and freedom! This is the journey to remember yourself and to fully live!

Part 1: “Tantric Femininity”

A deep reconnection to our own body, its language and its wisdom, as well as emotional fluidity, are necessary foundations in this journey.

Having opened these gates we can access our life force, creative, and sexual energies, profoundly love ourselves as a woman, and feel a sense of belonging to the greater tribe of women. During this retreat we will work on these themes by exploring the 3 energy centers (Chakras) of feminine strength, so that each woman can connect to her own unique fragrance of femininity: the womb center (2nd Chakra), the heart center (4th Chakra), and the 3rd eye center (6th Chakra).

Part 2: “Womb Wisdom”

This journey is based on a woman’s 4 main stages of life, reflected in the 4 seasons of the year, the 4 main stages of the lunar cycle, and the 4 main stages of the menstrual cycle.

This imprint is stored in a woman’s womb and is simply waiting to be unveiled. In this retreat we will discover the treasures and power stored in our wombs, and what it means to live our life as a Tantric Woman. What would it be like if you lived out each stage of your life, each stage of being a woman, in a fulfilled Tantric way? What would it be like to have access to all of the treasures and power your womb holds, at all times? Come and find out for yourself! We use 5 main feminine archetypes of the Tantric Woman for this work.

“Womb Wisdom – The Embodiment of a Tantric Woman”

This journey combines and integrates Parts 1 and 2 listed previously.

Part 3: “Riding the Dragon”

This retreat is about reclaiming our power from the shadows and in the process becoming more whole, clean and authentic.

What we keep in the shadows are parts of us that we have disconnected from, disowned, rejected, ignored or repressed, so much so that we may not even be conscious of them or recognize them. This actually gives these energies power over us, and we find ourselves in a battle where there can be no winner. Using the Tantric pillars of Love and Consciousness, we can fully own all these parts and tap into the immense treasures that are held in the essence of these energies. In order to do that, we will connect to the dragon deep within our sex center that protects these energies, face it, and learn to ride it. In this retreat we will focus on dark eros, the desire-fear polarity, and healing imbalances around power, sex and abundance. With each shadow that we bring out to the light, we welcome another piece of ourselves back home to love, and take another step towards wholeness.

Part 4: “Awakened Sexuality”

A deep journey within, this retreat focuses on healing, enhancing and expanding our sexuality.

It is a process of liberating ourselves by reclaiming the innocence and beauty of our sexuality, healing shame and guilt regarding our sexual expression, including past sexual experiences in this life, and imprints we carry from our ancestral lineage, past lives, society, partners, etc. To enhance our sexuality we will experience and learn breathing techniques, breast massage, whole body activation, yoni-massage, anal healing, cervical awakening, how to move energy throughout the body, how to increase sensitivity, and practices to tone the yoni muscles, cultivate more sexual energy which can then be moved throughout the body, and enhance overall sexual pleasure. From this empowered place within, we will merge what seem to be contradictory feminine erotic expressions (example: mother – whore, virgin – slut), letting go of the dualities in our sexuality. Finally we will experience our eros as a way to support us to connect to our soul, and as a portal to union with the divine, a path to awakening! This retreat includes a sex magic ritual, using sexual energy for manifestation.

Part 5: “Tantric Union Within”

This union is of the lovers which have been there all along,
our inner masculine and inner feminine, the real Soulmates.

In this retreat we will focus on healing and letting go of unhealthy imprints we carry about the masculine, and connect to the healthy masculine as it manifests in each of us even though we are in a woman’s body. We will explore dark and light masculine energies and how they manifest through us, in healthy and unhealthy ways. When we can heal the unhealthy masculine within and let our healthy masculine shine, we no longer have the need to project out our fears, needs, and desires onto the men in our lives, searching for completion externally. From this inner space we bring together our healthy, awakened and integrated masculine and feminine, so that they may support each other with love and mutual respect, bringing us back to wholeness. The healing of the feminine-masculine polarity split within can result in profound self-love and acceptance, and can bring balance to many of our relationships, especially those with men. From this inner space we can also attract an external soulmate, through the law of resonance; our external relationships reflect our internal reality. When we are living in a Tantric Union within, we can shine in all aspects of our lives with a sense of feeling complete, integrated, and free. This retreat will include a union ceremony for our inner couple, and consummation ritual.

Part 6: “Temple Priestess”

This retreat will help you remember who you really are.
“I am the temple and the devotee who worships at the temple”.

This journey is dedicated to bringing the awareness of Spirit into every day actions and life, living as a priestess with every step we take. This includes of course, in relationships and love-making. You will remember how to embody yourself as a living temple, through the power of devotion and transfiguration, worshipped and offering blessings. We will soak in the divine feminine, with sensuality, grace and wisdom, restoring an ancient and innate aspect of our nature. Whatever is not in resonance with “I am sacred” and “I am divine” will need to go. A priestess connects to her soul and to spirit, accessing and calling in support from the spirit realm and the forces of nature, for the benefit of all (not just for herself). Rituals and ceremonies will be key components of this retreat.

Advanced module: “Soul Awakening”

Having worked through the ego’s layers, the shadows and the wounds,
having expanded physically, sexually, in the heart, and in our psyche,
having worked on our inner union, we reach a point
where the personality’s demands quite down enough that
we can hear our soul calling.

This is a complete inner-training on how to live as a fully integrated and embodied Tantric woman.

During each one of the courses you will be taught skills, meditations, practices and techniques that you can continue to practice at home and go deeper.

This “home play” will become the foundation from which you can dive even deeper into the next level. It also serves as an empowering thread of continuity and self-development, allowing you to become more and more sovereign of your own healing and transformation. A certificate of completion is awarded after Part 6. After completing any one of the journeys, you are welcome to assist me for that same journey in the future in any part of the world (by application). This is a great way to go further into the teachings for yourself, unveiling deeper layers, and if you aspire to work with women in this way it is a great way to start practicing and supporting them.

Shakti Spiral Apprenticeship and Training

Apprenticeship: After completing any one of the journeys, you are welcome to assist me in that same journey in any part of the world (by application).

This is a great way to go further into the teachings for yourself, unveiling deeper layers. This is the most direct way to start apprenticing with me, and receive direct support and guidance. If you aspire to work with women in the themes I share, the apprenticeship is a great way to start practicing to support others, while going deeper in yourself. I assisted my various teachers for years, attending the same groups and each time accessing different layers and aspects of myself, while at the same time learning how to be present to others as a huge variety of things came up from participants. It is important to remember that you can only facilitate others to go where you have already been yourself. A facilitator knows the path themselves, and supports others to walk it for themselves!

Training: Graduates of the Shakti Spiral Journey are also eligible for the “Shakti Spiral Training”.

Inspired by your own journey and discoveries in the Shakti Spiral Journey, in the training you will be encouraged to let your own gifts, talents and super-powers shine. I am not interested in having you imitate or copy me or specific structures, I’m interested in supporting you to find your unique fragrance, note, way to share these themes with other women. At the end of the day what touches another the most is the transmission based on deep lived experience, that is what I have been sharing with you and that is what I want to encourage you to share with others. This training will support you to use the fruits and insights from your journey to an embodied Tantrica, and couple it with your creativity and the way your being (body, heart and soul) expresses itself, to transmit the core themes of the Shakti Spiral (the Tantric way of life for women) in your own unique way. You will also have the opportunity to practice space holding and design your own group flow. Practical aspects of leading groups will also be covered, from choosing music, understanding venue requirements, working with an organizer, to attracting those who resonate with your work, and more.

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