Integrated – Embodied – Initiated – Whole!

So let’s start with the obvious, Yes I’m in a woman’s body. AND I have a very strong, healthy, and integrated dark and light masculine. My inner union is solid and I have been working with men through Tantra and sexuality for a decade. I know I have gifts and insights that can support the healthy masculine to mature and shine, whether it’s in a woman’s or a man’s body. I am offering practical tools that can serve as a bridge to go deeper into your masculine, and a transmission from my own masculine as well as my feminine in support of your wholeness.

I work with men on healing wounds of the body, emotions, sexuality, psyche and soul, and support them to open to their full potential.
Some specific themes include:

The Dark and Light Masculine

An exploration of the dark and light masculine energies within

This is an exploration of the dark and light masculine energies within, and their shadow, bringing the dark and light energies to a healthy balance. This journey heals wounds around masculinity, which then supports you to connect to and increase the range of how the masculine uniquely expresses itself through you. By dropping the masks you wear based on patterns of pleasing, rebelling, or trying to live up to expectations of what a man should be, you can be seen for who you really are, broaden your comfort level in expressing your masculinity, and tap into the essence of the power your particular masculine carries.

The Key Masculine Archetypes

Discover how these timeless powerful energies express themselves through you!

Archetypes serve as a bridge between our individual expression and The One. They represent energies which exist in the collective. They are timeless and essential to our evolution. All men are born with the four key archetypal energies: The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician, The King. To feel complete, a man can develop healthy aspects of all four archetypes that honours his Body, Heart and Soul. This is an invitation to you men, to cultivate and embody each of these four key archetypes as they manifest through you, resulting in a fuller expression of who you are as a man, as a human being, and as a soul, aligned with your vision and purpose.

The Inner Union

Meeting and discovering your feminine is a key
to feeling more empowered and fulfilled within as a man.

This process will support you to stop projecting out your needs/ gaps/ desires to external women for them to fulfill, as well as the fears and wounds that result in challenges in relating with women AND men. Also, when you connect to your own feminine as a man you can connect to the feminine in women easier, you can drop into true bonding and intimacy with other men, you can access your capacity to manifest more deeply, and you can increase your pleasure and sensitivity, which also makes ejaculation choice easier to manage… just to name a few benefits. Yet there are so many! Ultimately, your masculine and feminine are meant to support each other, and when they do you have a sense of completeness, wholeness. While most men fear that by connecting to their feminine they will become less masculine, the opposite is actually true. What gifts does your feminine have to offer you and your life? Come and find out!

Empowered Sexuality

In this journey we address practical aspects of sexuality and its expression.

Topics include: understanding the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems and how they influence your sexuality; de-armoring your own 1st Chakra; mastering ejaculatory choice; how to express your true sexual energy without shame or guilt while still respecting your partner; cultivating your own sexual energy; how to enjoy full-body orgasms; using techniques/ recipes versus how to stay true to the moment, yourself and your partner; true desire versus expectations that as a man you should always want/ be available for sex; healthy and unhealthy expressions of sex and power; sexuality and different types of relationships. The capacity to live a conscious, self loving, authentic sexuality is a key to freedom and power. Claim it, it’s your birthright!

My masculine wishes to walk with my brothers, side by side, as we celebrate each other. My feminine wishes to be surrounded by Kings, men who fully own their power, whatever that may look like and however that may shine. All of me wants to support that to happen sooner rather than later!

Brothers! No you don’t have to be something in particular, fit into a specific mold. I’m so tired of men being shamed (by women and men) for being “too much” or “not enough”. I’m tired of seeing so many offerings, by men and women alike, aimed to “fix” you by targeting your wounds and your ego with the promise to make you a better lover by teaching you tricks and techniques on how to please a woman. Your cock is not a circus monkey. Not anymore than my pussy is. We are not here to please each other in the desperate hope to be loved, to be accepted, to be good enough, to be important. We are all here to remember ourselves, who we really are, why we are here (our purpose in this life), and to become whole. Whatever your authentic self may look like, let it shine! That’s what you came to this world for afterall! Remember yourself and live your full potential!

A healthy, embodied, activated and integrated man is a gift to humanity. Join these offerings and support yourself and other men to shine and express their full potential! Holding yourself back, playing it small, doesn’t serve anyone, not you, not your loved ones, not other men or women, not humanity!

A brief sharing about my journey with the masculine:

men offeringI worked fiercely for a decade on healing the masculine imprint I carried from men in this life, starting with my father not wanting children and leaving our family home when I was 1 years old, to sexual abuse, rape and other traumatic experiences. I also worked with what I carried ancestrally from my mother, grandmothers, my lineage, basically loads of abuse. After many years, there came a point where it was obvious that this approach could only get me so far. A lot had been healed and I had deep, intimate relationships, but inside me I knew it was not enough. I still carried within me the imbalance of power, either putting myself above or below men, and I still projected out my needs to men feeling I was not complete or capable on my own.

So I started to work on integrating my own masculine within me, shifting it from unhealthy to healthy and letting him shine unapologetically. At first, not even my own feminine wanted anything to do with my masculine, he was quite immature. Owning the different dark and light energies of the masculine within me, letting the shadows of each be seen and healed, letting the different masculine archetypes mature within me, and unleashing this power fearlessly has been the most profound journey of my life. With this work came a sense of wholeness, no longer needing to project out my needs, fears and desires to the men in my life. With this inner equilibrium came balance in my external relationships. I wish nothing less for you! This is the place from which I share my work with you men. I look forward to continuing my journey in the company of my brothers!


In their words…

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