The Intimacy Journey:
Embody Your Divine Connection!

What does it mean to journey as a Tantric Couple?

I have been on the Tantric path while in a committed relationship for over a decade.

The “Intimacy Journey” is a series of 4-workshops I have created based on the teachings from this journey so that you too can have a taste!

The Intimacy Journey series is designed so that you can experience a way of relating that goes beyond the automatic ways. It is based on a map of relating which I have designed to support couples to move through deeper levels of intimacy, based on a sense of deep safety and trust, a commitment to consciousness and love, gratitude, sacredness and freedom. This map guides you on how to move from transactional based and unconscious relating, to living your relationship as Tantric Consorts. This is the way I live and relate in my daily life, and I wish nothing less for you! What I transmit to you, with my beloved Timo’s support, will be practical, life changing, and based on deep lived experiences. It is my honor to offer these journeys to couples who wish to dive deeper together and rise in love together!

Part 1 = Emotional Intimacy

Part 2 = Physical Intimacy

Part 3 = Sexual Intimacy

Part 4 = Soul Intimacy

This is an invitation to deepen your intimacy, heighten your sensual pleasure, expand your love, and further awaken your spiritual consciousness. Our pillars throughout the 4-part journey are: love, consciousness, and sacredness! We will explore the theme of intimacy at the level of emotions, body, sexuality, energy, and soul. This is an empowering, experiential journey, and the practices you are guided through will begin to form part of your “chest of tools and treasures” that you can apply at home on your own and with each other at any time. Included in each part of the series are powerful Tantric rituals, and you will be given Tantric practices to explore during love making at the comfort of your own home. The intention of offering you these practices is to support you to continue to explore together in between the different parts of the journey when you are back at home, in order to deepen and anchor your intimacy and Tantric union at all levels. This is an intensive life-changing journey for you as an individual, for your couple, and for the way you relate with life!

The truth is that it might be easier to walk the Tantric path without committing to a relationship. As Osho has said, it’s like walking on a razor’s edge! Why? Because when you love this deeply and consciously, everything that is not love and that is not conscious will rise to the surface to be seen. It is in our most intimate relationships that our deepest wounds are usually triggered, where we are most likely to project our fears, needs and desires, and where we are most likely to be thrown off our center. For example, jealousy, attachment, control, rage, sadness, fear, the abandonment wound, “I’m not good enough”, and many other such triggers are likely to come up. So this of course makes it more challenging, more complicated, to stay with love and consciousness… AND more rewarding! Walking the Tantric path as a couple means there is no room for projections and ego to thrive. It means being committed to love itself and consciousness itself, and to supporting each other when the other waivers. This then results in greater love for and presence with yourself, and each other, seeing and celebrating each other for who you really are, with deep gratitude for the blessing of being able to walk the Tantric path together.

Many couples sign up for Tantric couples work in order to improve their sex life. What they discover is a whole universe. The commitment to journeying with a partner on the Tantric path can bring incredible amounts of healing and has the potential to quickly dissolve your ego! It can strengthen your inner masculine and feminine, your inner union. It can show you how to use your sexual energy to nourish and empower yourself, manifest your dreams, and commune with existence. It can support you to blossom to your full potential, to awaken, to remember who you really are, to know yourself as a soul, and to know God. Although we come from one source, we usually experience the world through duality. The search for a harmonious relationship is also the search for our original oneness. A Tantric relationship continuously invites you to go beyond duality and separation, and return to wholeness. It is the experience of oneness within yourself, with your partner, with nature, with the divine.

“I’ve come to this belief that, if you show me a woman who can sit with a man in his real vulnerability, in deep fear, and be with him in it, I will show you a woman who, A, has done her work and, B, does not derive her power from that man.
And if you show me a man who can sit with a woman in deep struggle and vulnerability and not try to fix it, but just hear her and be with her and hold space for it, I’ll show you a guy who’s done his work and a man who doesn’t derive his power from controlling and fixing everything.”
Brene Brown

For each set of 4-journeys a Facebook group will be created which will include all participants in the journey so you can share with each other about how it is going in between the different modules, your challenges and your victories, and you can pose your questions or request for support from me in particular. I will be available throughout the 4-part journey.

I have participated in, trained in, and taught the Couples Soulmate Journey designed by Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita. I have also taken part in the couples work offered by Diana Richardson (Puja) and Raj, based on the Barry Long method of “slow sex”, and with Bruce Lyon on the theme of Consorts. Attending Tantric Couples retreats was a powerful investment in myself as an individual, as well as in my relationship.

You have chosen to journey with this partner.

Whether it is a recent union or it has been decades,

your souls have brought you together for a reason:

to support you to remember yourself, become whole, awaken!


In their words…

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