Introducing The Brotherhood!

  • The Light Masculine: I know who I am, I know why I am here. I am purpose!
  • The Dark Masculine: I know what I want, and I stand for the sacred Unapologetically. I am power!

Put the two together, Purpose + Power, and we have what the world needs as much as we need air! The integrated healthy masculine! And we need him to show up in men’s bodies and women’s bodies equally. And and we need to see him, respect him and honor him in women’s and men’s bodies equally when he does. The truth is WE ALL NEED the brotherhood… inside us and around us! Aho!

So… introducing the REAL brotherhood! What do these gorgeous 33 beings have in common (some not featured in the group picture)? They have each other’s back. They are willing to see each other and stand as brothers. They are willing to support each other, honor each other, respect each other, whether one has fallen, one is an equal, or one is transmitting even more of some aspect of the masculine. The call is to rise, integrated and healthy, as brothers. CONGRATULATIONS to you ALL!

Thank you for making my dream come true all of you! I have longed for this moment for YEARS! Not just for me, I already have this, but for everyone! Whether you recognize it or not, everyone’s soul longs for integration, for wholeness, and to be seen and honored in that! Aho!

And I want to thank you all who were a part of this, from my masculine, for helping me rise too! Rise to an even higher transmission, calling that out in me, even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. Aho!

And thank you to my beloved Timo Wiren, for always honoring, respecting, appreciating, and giving space to my masculine, my wholeness, my integration, and all my steps towards true liberation however foreign or even sometimes painful they may be for you. If it were not for this relationship, I would not be transmitting what I am today! Aho!

Thank you Bruce Lyon for these teachings to begin with. For calling out my Dark Masculine, for hearing my soul’s cry to be part of the brotherhood and inviting me into it, and for the respect and honor you have always shown my masculine! A gift I pray deeply gets transmitted to as many beings out there as possible, for their contra sexual. I’m on it!

Thank you Jon Darrall-Rew for asking me to join you in Shamballa School and journey more deeply into the embodied versions of the teachings and initiations, particularly The Cross. For your encouragement and deep love for wholeness through our polarities!

I’m proud to say that Finland, the place I call home, is the only place where it’s happening like this. Women and men going through the different parts of The Cross separately until the last part when we put it all together. This is an incredible experiment! Thank you soooooooo much for being a part of it.

Last night I had a very important dream. Usually after a super powerful group (or during or before), I get some new insight, a way forward for me which then translates into a way forward for all who decide to join the path I’m walking. So last night i was shown in my dream how concretely past lives work, and karmas. This is an incredibly helpful insight, just like when I was shown about going into the underworld, now I can take people deeper through that. One interesting piece: I kept repeating one word “Rovaniemi”. i had never considered that I have had a past life here in Finland, although I had already been told by a shaman i was initiated by some years ago that I am called to share my work where i need to make amends karmically. So… my last thank you is from my soul: thank you for helping me burn some of my own karma, make amends, become more whole, and take more steps to ultimate liberation.

It became clear to me after these two initiations into the masculine over the past month, that this work HAS to spread, and I can’t do it alone. So… I’m stepping up and stepping into a new chapter in my life! Feels so good to Stand in this! More will be revealed publicly later.