The need to do things alone when clearly you could use some help.

Having to suffer through whatever, and even let things/ life fall apart, and still not ask for help!

This is especially common for those in men’s bodies but certainly it is not limited to you men. No matter what body you are in, this represents an unintegrated feminine in your being. The masculine needs to stand on his own, even if in the company of 500 others, that’s healthy and natural for him.

It is the integrated feminine however that needs togetherness, that understands that it takes a village to raise a child, that knows our strength is in our interconnectedness. This is one of the main gifs of the feminine!

And yes, me too! I too could not ask for help, or ask for much at all really. I struggled, and even when offered help I replied: “No Thanks! I’m OK!” Bull! I was certainly NOT OK. I was afraid to be seen as weak, I was afraid to admit that i couldn’t make it on my own, or that I couldn’t do something on my own, that I needed others, that I needed anything/ something, that I wasn’t perfect enough on my own or whole enough on my own, or strong enough on my own. Because somehow I had bought into the idea that I SHOULD be able to manage on my own! Otherwise it’s not a real “success”, “victory”, it’s not on my own merits, I’m getting pity, I’m a failure, they will feel sorry for me, etc.

I have understood over the decades, that most people, in most “modern” cultures, of any age or class or gender, suffer this way. I have also understood that this is a reflection of how we as a humanity see the feminine and interconnectedness. In general, we judge it as something less, as something weak, even fear it as an “Achilles tendon”, a weak spot. That this is how we will be brought down, by showing our need for connection, for help, for each other. Disconnection is not only painful for us as individuals, but also in our relating, and as a humanity. We feel disconnected within ourselves, we feel disconnected between each other, most of us are disconnected from nature, other living being, and with the planet. Ultimately, this is a reflection of our disconnection with our own divinity, with God, with the one-ness which is our inheritance. We can just look around and see how painful that is, how living this illusion is so destructive to our human-ness, to our divinity, to the planet, to reality!

This is one of the key gifts the feminine has for us, as individuals, as groups and communities, as a humanity. If we are willing to receive it! It is to remind us and show us our interconnectedness! Oh!!! If we would just allow ourselves to feel this truth. To feel this reality. It is a direct link to one-ness. I am everything and everything is me. But this means I need to feel everything, yes. Because realizing you are interconnected with others, you can not choose to only experience the pleasant or joyful, you feel it all! This is the expansion of the heart that the feminine invites you into! Yes my heart is strong enough, yes I can love enough, yes I am willing to see, to hear, to feel it all. I am no longer willing to go numb, to look the other way, to disconnect, because I know that when I do it out there, I do it in here (within myself). There is no exception to that.

Are you willing to receive the gift of the feminine?

Are you willing to embrace your interconnectedness? To choose connection instead of separation?

Are you willing to choose, at that moment when you start to shut down, when it feels too much, when you fear your heart wont be able to take it, are you willing to choose at that moment to STAY CONNECTED AND FEEL?

Are you? I want to know!

This is the journey into the Dark and Light Feminine whether you are in a man’s or woman’s body.

If you are interested in exploring this for yourself, please check my calendar for the “Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine”, or “Initiation into the Integrated Feminine”.

Blessings on your journey!