So here we are – what seemed impossible some months ago and yet was predicted by all our hearts, has happened. The whole human world is in pause, turning inwards, facing their fears and finding out who they really are when crisis arrives. What matters? Really?

Once we get past making sure we are safe ( are we ever?), that the ones we care about are safe and that we have enough toilet paper what then?

This note is an encouragement to listen to the soul of the world via your own soul.

The coronavirus is not the main event here – simply a way of getting all our attention. Not to spend it online or in endless fascination with the latest death statistics. In fact I am rather hoping the internet may become overloaded so that we remember that our outer connectedness is simply a symbol of what we have forgotten – our inner connectedness. We are part of something and the mechanism for feeling that wholeness has atrophied with our focus on busyness and the material world. We are living vibrating instruments that, when calibrated properly, are capable of listening to the splendour of creation, the song of the cosmos and participating in the sacred dance of life.

We have meaning and synergy and life force welling up inside us if we will only stop and turn our awareness to it.

The soul of the world wants to talk to our souls. You may have your own way of listening. For some it is meditation or prayer. For others it speaks to them when they are creating music, poetry or art. For others it whispers through their bodies in dance, love making or acts of kindness and service to others. For some it is the natural world that sings to their soul and for others it is the dream world and inner visions. Whether all, none or one of these is your way – this is the time to self reflect and listen. The soul of the world is wise and infinitely adaptable. Each person who listens can receive their own tailor made input designed specifically for the circumstances and inherent creativity of their evolution. This will be a powerful antidote to the focus on being told what to do by the experts and the politicians.

What is being broken here is our reliance on the ego, materially oriented mind and existing power structures to protect us, direct us and reflect us. When we look back in hindsight at the way we have allowed our lives to follow imperatives which have been destructive to ourselves and our world we will be shocked. So deeply shocked that we may be incapable of behaving like sheep again.

After the crisis is past there will be much to reflect upon. We will have to face ourselves and our actions, individually and collectively. Each small and large act will be weighed by our hearts to see if it was motivated by fear and greed or sourced in love.

Humanity needs to remember its origin and destiny. This shake up is a wake up. May there be no return to business as usual until we get it. May we take that leap that reminds us that the only real survival that matters is our capacity to love. May 2020 be an irrevocable portal of initiation that we pass through into the heart of the world.

Bruce Lyon

image from “The Weighing of the Heart” an animated film by Rosie Benson and Laura Weber.