I posted about this before when I read 3 sisters’s posts, and under each there were numerous comments from other women, and I’m still hearing about it! What seems to be common is: late to bleed, much more pain before during or after, and much shorter or heavier bleeds then normal.

I was late to bleed too. I haven’t been a day late in years! And on that first day the pain was so bad that at 22hrs I asked Timo to go to the pharmacy and get painkillers (we dont keep those in the house). I had not taken a painkiller in over a decade, close to 2. My bleed lasted only 1 day.

I’m feeling very alive, sensual, joyful. I go to the gym, make love, dance, meditate, cook yummy food, write, create, just be, laugh, feel, cry. But my womb’s wisdom could perceive a vibration of contraction and pain in the collective and reacted to it.

I had the webinar on The Cross coming up the next day, so I had to make a choice: stay with birth like contractions and not sleep and cancel the webinar, or take 1 pill. I felt like a hypocrite but the choice for me was clear. I was sad and angry and all kinds of emotions, but eventually I slept. And I did the webinar the next morning. But my blood didn’t return. And that brought so much grief to me. That was the trade-off. The message from my womb’s wisdom was clear. We are not meant to anesthetize ourselves from reality anymore, the trade off is too huge! As individuals, and as a collective we need to FEEL!

So I wanted to post this again in case you are, or someone you know is, experiencing something like this and wondering what the hell is going on. Please feel free to share in the comments if that’s the case, and share this post with other sisters so they know they are not alone.

Blessings always!

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