She is connected to the time approaching the new moon, approaching our bleeding time, and approaching menopause.

Healthy warrior energy is transformational energy, it destroys so that something new may be born. For that, something must be let go of/ die/ surrendered. Turn the sword inwards sister: what needs to be let go of, what no longer serves you that you are still carrying? Turn the sword outwards sister: what needs to be let go of, what no longer serves you? Whether that is a belief, a habit, a particular piece of clothing, or a relationship: this is the time of letting go!

Many women ask me about feeling anxious, angry, sad, etc, just before they start bleeding. Many women think this is normal and just accept it. Here is some news for you: it does not have to be this way! Emotional yes, hormones are effecting you big time during this stage. But this stage in your cycle does not have to be emotionally painful, and especially aggressive or depressive.

So how to explain these emotions? Our bleeding time is like a small death. The nest that had been building up to host life is not needed, the lining is shed, and that is how we end up bleeding. But whatever was not fully lived over the previous month (like the conception that didn’t happen), whatever is suppressed, it can be felt strongly at this time. So if there are unexpressed emotions, unfinished business, whatever that is not resolved within you, the warrior comes to offer her energy for transformation. Because after all, what is death, but the biggest transformation you will ever experience in this life! 😉

So it is important to pay attention to these signs. Not just to take some pills to make it better, eat to suppress it, or even use sex as a way of emotional or energetic release. It is important to feel, understand, connect, to what your womb’s wisdom is wanting to tell you! And it is also important to live it out or mourn it. That energy, that unfinished business, is seeking completion, one way or another!

Similarly, this stage in our lives can also be challenging, with hot flashes, emotional outbursts, etc. Again, it does not have to be this way! Yes, this is partly due to hormones. But part of it is due to what hasn’t been lived in your life as a woman. It is after all the “death”/ end/ closing of a big chapter in your life. The reproductive years of your life as a woman are now over. And at this point, that is the majority of your life lived so far. For most of us, this is how we define ourselves as women. So it’s usually big, consciously or unconsciously!

Women face their shadows that have to do with the feminine two times in their lives (prior to their death bed) in a big way. Once is during their first pregnancy and birth. And the other time is leading up to menopause. At these times, we are faced with all the regrets and reflections, unfinished business, wounds unhealed. So do yourself a favor sister and consider them now, don’t wait until you are forced to. Attend to whatever is needed now!

Contemplating death, ultimate destruction of this woman’s body, really has a way to rectify everything in life. This time in our cycle, in the moon’s cycle, and in our life cycle, is a reminder to not take things for granted, and fully live now!