The Pluto- Saturn conjunction January 10-12th is an incredible opportunity to let go of old structures within us and around us which are based on fear and the separation of soul and body, choose love and stand for the love which we are, and open ourselves to more Life!

The time is ripe! This is a guided meditation to support you. How do each one of us contribute to dysfunctional and outdated systems through our own fear-based personality strategies? How can we deeply know the power that comes through the union of our soul and body, and live from a space of love instead of fear? How can we let Life Force energy support us? Follow the guided meditation and find out. This is the time we have been waiting for. Finally! Yes!!!

The state of affairs on the planet are what they are because love has not fully landed on this planet. Love has not fully landed because our souls have not fully landed in our bodies. It’s that simple! The essence of each and every soul on the planet is love. So if we want things to really change for us individually, as a collective, and for the planet… then the real question is: am I ready to stand as the love that I am, as the Soul that I am, in union with this body, here, now? I am ready to BE that which I am seeking for out there?

It’s been a catch 22 for way too long. The world doesn’t feel safe for us to emerge as souls, and yet the medicine that is precisely needed is that we do emerge as souls so that this world can be a more loving and conscious place. I’ve had enough of this catch 22! How about you? I have had enough of seeking oasis for my soul amongst vast desserts. How about you?

If like me your answer is yes, it REQUIRES that we make a decision regularly, to choose Love instead of Fear. If you really do want things to change for you, for humanity, and for the planet, this is the way!

Powerful planetary alignments are available to support us. 2020 is promising epic opportunities for shifts in our individual and collective psyche and reality. These are planetary invitations for alignment, it’s up to you if you accept the invite or not!

Thank you for joining me today. Do let me know how this video supported you in the comments below and help me spread it to others so that as many as possible can benefit from it.

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The Pluto-Saturn conjunction is “set to be one of the most instrumental resets of Consciousness of our times”! Last time this conjunction happened was 500 years ago. It is a power filled moment in our life-times to “take more responsibility and address our personal and collective shadow”.

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