Some common questions & answers

regarding Sex and Tantra

Does Tantric Sex always include vaginal-penal penetration ?

No. It can mean sexual energy, which can be accessed without any physical touch or stimulation at all. If working with the physical body, sex takes a broader definition, one of penetration and receptivity of the entire body and being. This is a key different between Tantric sex and what is commonly referred to as sex: it is not just focused on the genitals. You can have Tantric sex with yourself, with another person(s), with nature, with the cosmos, again, going beyond the polarity and illusion of separation.

Do I need to have penetrative sex in order to walk the Tantric Path ?

No, not at all. You need to learn how to stimulate/ awaken your sexual energy, move it throughout your body and being, and be able to contain this energy within your system so that it can be used for healing, transformation and expansion. And all of this is possible with or without penetrative sex.

Do I need to have a partner in order to walk the Tantric path or practice Tantric teachings ?

No. You can practice on your own, or with others of the same or opposite sex without engaging with them sexually. Practicing Tantric teachings and walking the path of Tantra in your daily life with a partner is also a beautiful, and intense, journey.

Can I practice Tantric teachings if I’m in a same sex relationship ?

Absolutely. Since Tantra works with polarity as an entry point, you would need to simply activate different polarities between you. We all have feminine and masculine polarities within us, so this is not an obstacle or a problem what is so ever.

Do I need to have physical sex with a guru, teacher, advanced initiate, master, in order for real healing to occur, or to receive a special transmission ?

Nope! Not at all. What I have learned and confirmed is that whatever healing or transmission I need, I can get without engaging with someone sexually at the physical level. A lot can be done energetically and the physical union is not necessary for transmissions and healings. Also, if some one proclaims to be that powerful to be able to heal you or give you some transmission, then they can do it without needing to be inside you physically and can probably do it from half across the globe away if they wanted to.