Wild Love on The Cross

This retreat is dedicated to Soul Awakening and anchoring. Our focus will be to work with the key polarities of our being: soul and body, masculine and feminine, light and dark. We will work with a model developed by Bruce Lyon we call: The Cross.

We will journey into the distorted version (shadow or stunted expression) of each energy, in order to reach the authentic qualities of each polarity and quadrant, in the unique way it express through you. We will also dive into the key qualities which unlock and further anchor in us, each of these archetypal energies. We will then bring the polarities into union at the center: your own heart! In so doing you will go beyond them, know your wholeness, your inner union, your oneness.

Through the union of these core polarities, you initiate yourself into the Dark Light of the Life Force and allow this Wild Love to flow through you and be anchored deep in you! When we give our consent, this deeply penetrating energy of Life Force activates our latent potential in terms of power and energy, and aligns us with the planetary purpose of knowing ourselves and living as the Wild Love that we are in this body, here, now! This is the wild and ecstatic love that is unleashed when you step into the center of The Cross, through the union of these polarities in your own heart!

Working with these archetypal energies, which represent the basic polarities of our being, provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring. Period!

The 4 Quadrants:

The areas between the 4 polarities create the 4 quadrants:

* Light Feminine

* Dark Feminine

* Light Masculine

* Dark Masculine

Each one of these quadrants are an expression of Power and Love. Each one is a portal of Life Force energy expressing itself through this divine archetypal energy. We may not always experience it this way however.

We can have a healthy expression of each of these polarities and quadrants, while also having a shadow/ distorted/ stunted expression. In order to come to balance, the distortion must come out into the light, and the authentic expression behind it be given permission. The stunted expression needs to be given permission, cultivated and strengthened in order to come into balance.

Our Journey:

This is an intensive and it’s experiential. You will be given theory, transmissions, and personal sharings for reference. The majority of the time you will be participating in exercises and practices. This is not a mental or conceptual journey, it is embodied! There will be opportunities to share and ask questions as well. And we will be going through powerful rituals of initiation and anchoring.

Being able to embody each of these energies is key to living your full potential as a being. It is the key map to our evolution and awakening from personality to full liberation of all karmas as a Soul. This is my wish for myself, for you and all of humanity, and nothing less! Come and dive into your own essential nature, feel the power of the union of these polarities, and open up to more Life Force through your body, heart and soul.

About the VENUE:

Le Domaine de Marseille
Chemin du col du ramier,
11330 Albières, France

Marine Le Neveu and Tom Indekeu renovated this beautiful 450m2 house, built in 1869. Lost on the south side of the mountain, surrounded by 134 acres field, many terraces and a big swimming pool are bathed in sun throughout the day. Situated in the historical Cathar country, 50 km south of Carcassonne, close to the “upside down mountain” Bugaragh, the hot spring waters of Rennes-les-Bains and the beauty of Rennes-le-Château, historical village of Mary-Magdalene.



– 3 Super Early bird tickets: 700€ + food & accom
– Early bird tickets: 800€ + food & accom (until April 27th)
– Regular tickets: 900€ + food & accom

* 300€ deposit needed to reserve your place
– Deposit is non refundable and not transferable, see Refund Policy –

Food and Accommodation fees (7 nights):
– 390€ in shared rooms
– 540€ in private rooms (only 3 available)

Food is vegetarian and will be served from dinner on August 24th (1st day), through lunch on August 30th (last day)
Venue ask and extra 36€ for the week for special meals request (e.g : gluten free, lactose free etc…)

* Food & Accommodation fees will be directly paid to the venue on your arrival.

If you are feeling the call to come back home to the center of the Cross, you can register by making a deposit of 300€ by bank transfer.

Account name: Laura Lancia
IBAN: CH0300788000050693455
Rue de Montbrillant 84
1202 Genève

Once the deposit is paid, email Laura Deva: info@lauradeva.com


The deposit will be non refundable and non transferable.
If you have made a full payment and cancel before July 24th, the deposit (300€) and the administration fees (150€) will be deduced from the total refund.


We begin on August 24th at 2pm and end on August 30th with lunch at 3pm.
Please arrive at the venue between 12 and 2pm on August 24th to allow time to set yourself up in your room and be ready. You must be able to attend the full retreat in order to join.

The nearest airports are Toulouse and Carcassonne.
The nearest train stations are Narbonne and Carcassonne.
Trip from airports / train stations will be done by taxi at your own expense (we have a good deal with some taxi companies).
A FB group will be created for participants so that you can arrange a ride share with others.


About TAKI’H:

Taki’h is a Tantrica, a therapist, an activated soul, an international teacher and a student of life & essence.
She has been leading international groups of all genders in over 20 countries over the last decade, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She works with those in women’s bodies and men’s bodies (separately and in mixed groups) on healing, empowering and integrating their masculine and feminine, body and soul, and activating the ecstatic current of Life Force.

Taki’h is dedicated to embodied soul awakening on the planet now, and is currently an investor and supporter of the 7th Ray Mystery School and Soul Community in NZ, Highden, as well as serving as part of Governance for the Shamballa School. She is also actively committed to reviving the Egyptian Mystery School. She has her ancestral roots in Bolivia and Greece, and 2 Masters Degrees from Columbia University in NYC, including one in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is based in Finland with her soul-mate, husband and inspiration.

Find out more about Taki’h and her work:




24 - 31 Aug 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Le Domaine de Marseille
Cathar Country, South of France


Laura Deva