Shadow Work & Life Force Activation Retreat for Women

September 8, 2019

This is an invitation to go deep into your shadows and reclaim the sacredness of your base, your sexuality, and allow more Life Force to flow through you. This is the descending path, recognizing and anchoring the flow of Life Force (Spirit) IN Matter! By opening to the mysteries of the feminine, through our body, our sexuality, we open to the Dark Light of the Life Force through the Earth, and allow it to flow through us and be anchored deep in us!

Dive deep into the shadows in your base and your sexuality, in order to access the essence energy trapped behind them. This is how you reclaim rejected, suppressed, or long forgotten parts of yourself, and your full power.

Access, purify, deepen and expand your connection to your sexual energy, the energy of creation and manifestation! Cultivate, harness and move this energy, and allow it to support you in healing, pleasure, transformation and expansion. Know it as sacred, as the inner sanctum of your temple, yes God lives here!

Allow Life Force energy to penetrate you and fill you through your base! After 2,500 years of the prominence of the Ascending Path as the way to reach Soul and Spirit/ God/ Life Force, there is a collective fear about the descending path. Fear of the shadows in our base, fear of the power of our sexuality, fear of the mysteries of the feminine, fear of the raw wisdom of our bodies. Enough! A new age has come! It is time to recognize that through our base, our sexuality, and our bodies we can open ourselves to being filled with Life Force, fully accessing our divinity. Enough of escaping this body (and with it, sexuality and emotions and even this Earth), as the primary way to meet with the Divine. It’s time to call in Spirit into our base, and invite it to stay!

This retreat represents our direction as a humanity, our planetary purpose: To know our divinity, to embody it fully, and to bring it into all expressions of life!

This retreat IS for you if you want to:
* Remove the layers of conditioning that sit in your base and on your sexual energy, preventing you from connecting to the authentic and free expression of your sexuality, power, femininity, and creativity;
* Experience your sexual energy as something that nourishes you and as a healing force on all levels;
* Embody the range of your sensual pleasure, erotic wisdom, rawness ,wildness, and joy;
* Understand Eros fully: of the body, of the heart, of the soul;
* Choose integration instead of polarization and disconnection: bridge the heart-sex divide, the body-soul divide, and the spirit- matter divide!
* Reclaim your sacredness, here, now, in this body, in your base, in your sex, allowing your soul to descend ALL the way DOWN THERE and in so doing, opening up to Life Force;
* Channel higher wisdom and knowledge, experience altered states of consciousness and feelings of dissolving into one-ness, and know the true nature of reality and of your essence, through the portal of your sexual energy;
* Open to Life Force, the deeply penetrating and radiating dark energy that activates our latent potential in terms of power and energy, and aligns us with the planetary purpose of knowing and living our divinity in this body here and now!

So how do we do this?

Sexual Shadow Work:

What do you keep hidden in the closet? What is tucked away so the world does not see this is alive in you, and maybe even you do not realize it is alive in you? This is how your sexual energy gets distorted and its power trapped. Want to have access to your full and authentic sexual energy and power? Want to be filled with Life Force? Then lets start with what needs to be cleaned out! Lets remove the boulders that sit in the way of your sexual river’s flow.

You will:
* Connect to and Honor your Animal Nature, its innocence, authenticity and Power;
* Work with Sexual Deconditioning: addressing taboos, guilt, shame, rigidity and control, limiting beliefs and patterns, addiction, and wounds about sexuality, the body and what it means to be a woman;
* Bring into the light the unconscious or unhealthy expressions of eros, fear, and desire, and harness the power that has been trapped behind their distorted expressions;
* Let go of power-based dynamics using your sexuality, which leave you feeling trapped in games unable to connect to deep intimacy, whether it is competition and jealousy with other women, or blaming and manipulation with men;
* Heal the Sisterhood Wound externally and internally, which plays a crucial role in maintaining sexual shadows.

As we journey profoundly into shadow work, deeper layers from within rise to the surface to be healed and reclaimed. It is in our sexuality in particular that we find so much of our “mud”, which then becomes great fertilizer for our sacred garden! This is the path to wholeness and freedom! YES!!!

Cultivation of Sexual Energy:

For many of us joy and pleasure are actually more difficult to embrace then pain and suffering. Once we remove what is not our authentic truth (ie: the conditioning that sits on our base and sexual energy) then our sexual energy begins to flow freely, naturally! So it’s not about learning techniques, it’s about rediscovering your body’s real power and wisdom. However, once our energy is free to flow we may not know how to cultivate, harness, or support it to expand. During this retreat you will learn how to cultivate your sexual energy, “building the reservoir”, and expanding your capacity to sustain this energy instead of leaking it out. At the physical level, your whole body can become orgasmic instead of just one focalized area (the genitals) and through that you can tangibly experience your wholeness. Cultivate your orgasmic potential and its power for your own pleasure, for healing, for transformation, for spiritual awakening! YES!!! More and more, this then becomes our reality, one that is based on the pleasure of living. It is the bliss, ecstasy and joy of being alive IN this body, now, in daily life WHILE aligned with our highest purpose. Orgasm goes from being an event, to a state of being in resonance with the Ecstatic Current of Life Force moving through the Earth.

Accessing Life Force through the Descending Path!

After we have cleaned our base and sexuality enough from the shadows and distortions that reside there, and have embraced our sexual power, then we are more open to letting Life Force flow through us more fully and stably. When we give our consent for the Fire of Spirit to awaken our body, heart and soul, we call forth the lightning strike of self-realization as the One. We will be calling on this energy throughout the retreat, and we are going to do it by descending, through our base! We will have daily meditations and practices aligning ourselves with Life Force so that Spirit and Body (matter) begin to resonate as One!

This 7-day retreat will culminate in a full moon ritual on the night of September 14th, honoring the Descending Path of the Life Force, of Spirit IN Matter, of the divinity of our bodies, base and sexuality, and the Lunar, Feminine Mysteries!


The group will begin on Sunday September 8th, at 16hrs, giving you an opportunity to arrive and settle into your room before hand. Our first meal will be dinner on the 8th. We will conclude on Sunday by noon. Our last meal together will be breakfast on Sunday September 15th. Additional meals and accommodation can be requested from the venue.

Optional excursion: Visit to the Heraklion Museum on September 6th and The Temple of Knossos on September 7th. We will go there together, meditate, and begin to activate ourselves with the Cretan Snake Goddess energy! We will also enjoy Heraklion before heading to our Beach Front Venue for the Retreat.

Note: there is no additional group cost for these excursions, you only need to cover your personal costs. If you are interested in participating in this excursion please let me know so I can ensure we travel together.

The venue is beach front, and our beach is nude-friendly. Having access to this beach will support us in purifications, relaxation, integration, expansion, harnessing of Life-Force energy, and rituals. While we will be working inside the group room the majority of the time, we will also have some rituals, meditations and practices in nature.

Our venue is located next to the oldest Asklipian Temple ruins that exist (4th Century BC). These temples were dedicated to healing and rejuvenation. We will have a ritual connected to this place and energy, at the beginning of the retreat.

Group Price
* 700Euro

Food and Accommodation:

The following prices are per night per person, and include breakfast and lunch buffet. Pictures are available upon request. The earlier you make your deposit for the retreat the more likely it is that you will be able to reserve the accommodation that suits your needs best:

* 60Euro in a double occupancy superior first floor studio
* 60Euro in a triple occupancy apartment carved into the Earth
* 80Euro in a double occupancy apartment carved into the Earth
* 100Euro for single occupancy in a superior first floor studio

All accommodation is beach front with sea view.
All accommodation includes a full bathroom and shower, sheets, towels, and cleaning.

All meals are: vegetarian and vegan friendly, delicious, and home-made by the Cretan family who owns and runs the venue!

A deposit of 350E is needed to reserve your place and accommodation of choice.

Getting There and Away:

The nearest airport is Heraklion Airport in Crete. From there it takes 1 hour and 15/ 30 minutes to reach the airport by land. Shared taxis can be arranged to arrive to and leave from the venue.

Please email me at: [email protected] to register!


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