The Cross: Initiation into the Power of Body and Soul Union

Reclaim the power that lies with your animal nature, that comes through your base. This energy has it’s own intelligence, deep wisdom, dignity and power. This is your wild, primordial, raw Earth-based nature. This is one of the main 3 portals of Life Force!
Reclaim the power that rests with your soul, that comes through your crown. Remember yourself for who you truly are, and why you are here – your soul’s purpose in this life. This is your eternal nature. This is also one of the 3 main portals for Life Force!
Bring the two together and initiate yourself into the Union of Power. The power that comes with knowing yourself as eternal AND standing in the world for what you hold most sacred. Being able to embody the union of power means you can claim your true inheritance, from the heights and the depths, and through that live your full potential as a being. This is not the dragon slayer but the dragon and the rider as one!
So what stands in the way? What are you reclaiming your soul and your animal from? Fear! Deep down in your base is stored the accumulation of the misuse of power over many different lives. Most of us can feel or have a sense of some of the energies that sit there deep in our base. And we fear them. We fear these energies in ourselves and in each other. As a result we fear we will misuse power. So we try to repress these energies, hide them, ignore them, even fight them. This is how we give away our power or simply never claim it fully.
It is the door of our own fear that we must go through and face the shadows and distortions. This is how the Power of Soul and the Power of Animal can each be revealed and subsequently come together. This is how we return to wholeness, to freedom, to love, to who we really are and how we were always meant to walk on this earth.
Let your soul feel safe enough and welcomed enough to descend all the way down to your base… and stay! No longer something out there or up there, but rather fully here in this body, in this world.
Let your animal feel safe enough and free enough from the shackles of the shadows stored in the base, to express its true power, wisdom and divinity.
This is an invitation to go into your shadows and reclaim your power, and allow more Life Force to flow through you. This is the descending path, recognizing and anchoring the flow of Life Force (Spirit) IN Matter. Through the union of body and soul, you initiate yourself into the Dark Light of the Life Force and allow it to flow through you and be anchored deep in you! When we give our consent, this deeply penetrating and radiating dark energy activates our latent potential in terms of power and energy, and aligns us with the planetary purpose of knowing and living our divinity in this body here and now!
So how are we going to do this?
1. Shadow Work;
2. Soul activation and soul purpose inquiry;
3. Activation of raw animal power and wisdom;
4. Life Force Activation.
Shadow Work:
Dive into the shadows in your base, including your sexuality, in order to access the essence energy trapped behind them. This is how you reclaim rejected, suppressed, or long forgotten parts of yourself, and your full power.
What do you keep hidden in the closet? What is tucked away so the world does not see this is alive in you, and maybe even you do not realize it is alive in you? This is how your energy gets distorted and its power trapped. Want to have access to your full and authentic energy and power? Want to be filled with Life Force? Then lets start with what needs to be cleaned out! Lets remove the boulders that sit in the way of your river’s flow.
You will:
* Connect to and Honor your Animal Nature, its innocence, authenticity, dignity and Power;
* Bring into the light the unconscious or unhealthy expressions of eros, fear, and desire, and harness the power that has been trapped behind their distorted expressions;
* Address power-based dynamics (examples: competition, jealousy, blaming, manipulation, etc) that leave you feeling trapped in games unable to connect to your truth, to deeper intimacy, or to yourself as love.
It is in our base in particular that we find so much of our “mud”, which then becomes great fertilizer for whatever we want to grow in our garden! This is the path to wholeness, freedom and love!
Life Force Activation:
Access, purify, deepen and expand your connection to not only your own energy, but to THE Life Force energy.
After we have cleaned our base from enough of the shadows and distortions that reside there, and have embraced our real power, then we are more open to letting Life Force flow through us more fully and stably. When we give our consent for the Fire of Spirit to awaken our body, heart and soul, we call forth the lightning strike of self-realization as the One. We will be calling on this energy throughout the intensive!
The time has come:
After 2,500 years of the predominance of the Ascending Path as the way to reach Soul and Spirit/ God/ Life Force, there is a collective fear about the descending path. Fear of the shadows in our base, fear of the power of our sexuality, fear of the raw wisdom of our bodies. Enough! A new age has come! It is time to recognize that through our base, our sexuality, and our bodies we can open ourselves to being filled with Life Force, fully accessing our divinity.
Enough of escaping this body (and with it, sexuality and emotions and even this Earth), as the primary way to meet God, the Divine. It’s time to call in Spirit into our base, and invite it to stay!
This is our direction as a humanity, our planetary purpose: To know our divinity, to embody it fully, and to bring it into all expressions of life! This is what it means to be Fully ALIVE!
We begin on Friday, January 10th at 17hrs
We conclude on Sunday, January 12th, by 18hrs.
During this time “there will be a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn (at 22 degrees Capricorn, January 10th heliocentric and January 12th geocentric ) The forces of restriction and the status quo will meet the forces of irresistible transformation. This transit has sparked wars, revolutions and economic crises in the past. It should mark the point of deepest crystallisation and calcification of the power structures of our modern society. When fully crystallised they are also the most brittle and can, therefore, crack easily. Look for that crack in whatever world events are manifesting that will let the dark light of the eternal in… and the emergence of the heart through the middle point of the crisis.” Bruce Lyon
The Venue: “L’Energie du Souffle” 7 rue des Anciens Combattants d’AFN, in Nice, France.
Group Cost: 240E
(this group is non-residential)
A non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your place and accommodation. To make your deposit please email:
Our Journey:
This polarity, of animal and soul, is the vertical axis of “The Cross”. The horizontal axis is based on the masculine and feminine polarity. This model represents our key polarities as human beings. It was developed by Bruce Lyon and it provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring, and to becoming an activated vessel of Life Force.
We will journey into the distorted version (shadow or stunted expression) of each energy, in order to reach the authentic qualities of each polarity and quadrant, in the unique way it express through you. We will also dive into the key qualities that unlock and further anchor in us, each of these archetypal energies. We will then bring the polarities into union at the center: your own heart! In so doing you will go beyond them, know your wholeness, your inner union, and Spirit.
List of dates for The Cross:
January 10-12: Initiation into the Power of Body and Soul Union
February 28 – March 1: Initiation into the Dark and Light Masculine
April 3-5: Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine
May 22-24: Living at the Center of The Cross
About Taki’h
Taki’h is a Tantrica, a therapist, an activated soul, an international teacher and a student of life & essence. She is one of the most authentic & integrated teachers today following embodiment and truth as her uncompromising guides. Taki’h offers a space for healing and empowerment rarely encountered. Her work integrates embodied experience with knowledge both modern and ancient.
As a result of her 15-year personal journey, Taki’h has trained in some of the best healing modalities in the world. This includes classical Tantra and neo-Tantra, Bio-Dynamic Breath De-Armouring and Trauma Release; Primal and Childhood Deconditioning; Sexual Deconditioning; Transactional Analysis Therapy; and Massage. For years she has practiced Guridjieff’s 4th-Way, Yoga, and Vipassana, and has been initiated in the Amautic Shamanic path of the Andes. From the embodied integration of these approaches and the gifts she came into this life with, she transmits the full range of evolution from personality healing, to soul awakening and anchoring, to opening to Spirit and letting yourself be guided by the One Life-Force energy.
Taki’h has been leading international groups of all genders in almost 25 countries over the last decade, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She works with those in women’s bodies and men’s bodies (separately and in mixed groups) on healing, empowering and integrating their masculine and feminine, body and soul, and activating the ecstatic current of Life Force (“The Cross”). She has birthed the “Womb Wisdom Journey” and Training for those in women’s bodies to connect to the full potential of their feminine, and the “Intimacy Journey” for Couples to support them on their path as Consorts.
Taki’h is dedicated to embodied soul awakening on the planet now, and is currently an investor and supporter of the 7th Ray Mystery School and Soul Community in NZ, Highden, as well as serving as part of Governance for the Shamballa School. She is also actively committed to reviving the Egyptian Mystery School. She has her ancestral roots in Bolivia and Greece, and 2 Masters Degrees from Columbia University in NYC, including one in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is based in Finland with her soulmate, husband and inspiration.
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10 - 12 Jan 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


"L'Energie du Souffle" 7 rue des Anciens Combattants d'AFN
Nice, France