The Cross: Initiation into the Dark and Light Masculine (for all)

There are lessons around the masculine we each need to harvest as individuals, no matter if we are in a woman’s or a man’s body. It’s an initiation we are going through as a society. We are all part of the reclaiming of the healthy and integrated Dark and Light Brotherhood. So consider this your personal invitation to go deeper into this initiation for yourself.
This journey is an opportunity to:
* clean out imprints you carry about the masculine that do not serve you through Shadow Work;
* be initiated into the Dark and Light Masculine, and strengthen the state of the brotherhood within; and
* experience the Dark and Light Masculine as a portal of Life Force.
Come and anchor the essence of the Dark and Light Masculine within you, and feel the power of the union of the brotherhood within. Allow them to shine through your body, heart and soul. Drop any masks you wear based on patterns of pleasing or rebelling. Broaden your connection to the healthy and integrated masculine, and tap into the essence of the power your particular masculine carries. The world needs the integrated healthy masculine to stand like we need air!
Dark, Shadow and Evil are not the same!
Some summary definitions in order to clarify the terminology of this map.
* Evil: anything that is actively blocking or attempting to destroy love, light and life.
* Shadow: aspects of our being that are unconscious or repressed, and yet are affecting or even guiding our behavior. Unintegrated aspects of our personality, distortions, and unrealized potential.
* Dark: primal energies of Life, Earthy, related to the body and our animal nature.
The Dark and Light Masculine:
The summary word for masculine energy is Presence!
Both the Dark and the Light Masculine can have a healthy expression of presence, distinct and complimentary to each other, and both can have a shadow or stunted expression as well. The shadow expression is when usually there is an excess of this energy, or it has been repressed, and then gets distorted. In order to come to balance, the distortion must come out of the shadow into the light, and the authentic expression be given permission. The stunted expression is when usually there is a lack of this energy, or it has been rejected, and therefor it’s not accessible. In this case, in order to come to balance, this energy needs to be given permission, cultivated and strengthened.
The Dark Masculine is generally the most challenging of the two masculine energies for people to work with, mainly because we have such few examples of its healthy expression in our society. The Key to unlocking the healthy Dark Masculine energy is Penetrative Presence. This energy penetrates matter, whether it’s in the expression of manifestation on the material plane, sexual potency, or the cutting through the illusion of veils (ie: cut through the bullshit). The shadow of the Dark Masculine is where there is a lack of presence but there is still penetrative energy, in other words: Abuse of Power. The stunted version is not being able to stand, whether that is to manifest or stand for something you believe in, and not claiming your no, the stereotypical “doormat” type of behaviour.
The Light Masculine is more common and far more accepted and accessible in today’s society. Its healthy expression is the Presence of Consciousness. This consciousness is expressed through a sense of purpose, and the unshakeable knowing of who you truly are, a soul, one with God, the nothingness. In its shadow expression it is again the absence of presence, living only the quality of consciousness. This results in being excessively mindy/ mental, disconnected from the body, sexuality and/ or emotions, unable to manifest or materialize your intentions, passive, rigid and controlling. The stunted version is not being able to stay present in the experience of strong emotional, sexual, primal energy, needing to escape or getting lost in it.
We all need the healthy expression of the both the Dark and the Light Masculine within us to feel fulfilled and whole. And humanity needs it too! The state the world is in today is in large part due to the absence of the integration and grounding of this internal brotherhood. It’s time we each play our part, and do something about it! Join Us!
This is an intensive and it’s experiential. You will be given theory, transmissions, and personal sharings for reference. The majority of the time you will be participating in exercises, practices, and initiations. There will be opportunities to share and ask questions as well.
We begin on Friday, February 28 at 17hrs
We conclude on Sunday, March 1st by 18hrs
! Please only register if you can be there for the entire duration of the journey !
The Venue: “L’Energie du Souffle” 7 rue des Anciens Combattants d’AFN, in Nice, France.
Group Cost: 240E
(this group is non-residential)
A non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your place and accommodation. To make your deposit please email:
There will be breaks for meals. You are welcome to bring your own food and eat at the center, or eat at one of the many restaurants around the center. Additional schedule details will be announced to registered participants prior to the start of this journey.
Please note that while the journey is not residential, it is an intensive and should be treated as a complete immersion. In order to get the most out of the journey, please make no other plans from when we start to when we finish.
Our Journey:
The animal and soul polarity is the vertical axis of “The Cross”. The horizontal axis is based on the masculine and feminine polarity. This model represents our key polarities as human beings. It was developed by Bruce Lyon and it provides the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring, and to becoming an activated vessel of Life Force.
We will journey into the distorted version (shadow or stunted expression) of each energy, in order to reach the authentic qualities of each polarity and quadrant, in the unique way it express through you. We will also dive into the key qualities that unlock and further anchor in us, each of these archetypal energies. We will then bring the polarities into union at the center: your own heart! In so doing you will go beyond them, know your wholeness, your inner union, and Spirit.
Being able to embody each of these energies in their purest form is key to living your full potential as a being, and going beyond the polarities. This is my wish for you and all of humanity, and nothing less!
List of dates for The Cross:
January 10-12: Initiation into the Power of Body and Soul Union
February 28 – March 1: Initiation into the Dark and Light Masculine
April 3-5: Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine
May 22-24: Living at the Center of The Cross
About Taki’h
Taki’h is a Tantrica, a therapist, an activated soul, an international teacher and a student of life & essence. She is one of the most authentic & integrated teachers today following embodiment and truth as her uncompromising guides. Taki’h offers a space for healing and empowerment rarely encountered. Her work integrates embodied experience with knowledge both modern and ancient.
As a result of her 15-year personal journey, Taki’h has trained in some of the best healing modalities in the world. This includes classical Tantra and neo-Tantra, Bio-Dynamic Breath De-Armouring and Trauma Release; Primal and Childhood Deconditioning; Sexual Deconditioning; Transactional Analysis Therapy; and Massage. For years she has practiced Guridjieff’s 4th-Way, Yoga, and Vipassana, and has been initiated in the Amautic Shamanic path of the Andes. From the embodied integration of these approaches and the gifts she came into this life with, she transmits the full range of evolution from personality healing, to soul awakening and anchoring, to opening to Spirit and letting yourself be guided by the One Life-Force energy.
Taki’h has been leading international groups of all genders in almost 25 countries over the last decade, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She works with those in women’s bodies and men’s bodies (separately and in mixed groups) on healing, empowering and integrating their masculine and feminine, body and soul, and activating the ecstatic current of Life Force (“The Cross”). She has birthed the “Womb Wisdom Journey” and Training for those in women’s bodies to connect to the full potential of their feminine, and the “Intimacy Journey” for Couples to support them on their path as Consorts.
Taki’h is dedicated to embodied soul awakening on the planet now, and is currently an investor and supporter of the 7th Ray Mystery School and Soul Community in NZ, Highden, as well as serving as part of Governance for the Shamballa School. She is also actively committed to reviving the Egyptian Mystery School. She has her ancestral roots in Bolivia and Greece, and 2 Masters Degrees from Columbia University in NYC, including one in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is based in Finland with her soulmate, husband and inspiration.
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28 Feb 2020 - 01 Mar 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


"L'Energie du Souffle" 7 rue des Anciens Combattants d'AFN
Nice, France