Pilgrimage on the Nile: Live – Embody – Share the Egyptian Mysteries!

December 7, 2019

Have you felt the call to explore Egypt’s great temples and the mysteries they hold?
Do you want the chance to explore living the polarities and union of The Cross with others doing the same?
Here is your chance!

Note: This pilgrimage is only open to those who participate in “The Cross” December 1-7, OR “True Power” December 15-21. Please see below for the links to those events on FB or go back to the main calendar on this website. Please see further below for a description of The Cross.

This 7 day private cruise ensures that all those who are on board are holding the same intention to:
* Live, Embody and Share the Egyptian Mysteries;
* update and rewrite our own personal mythology as well as the collective one;
* further deepen the anchoring of the polarities of The Cross and their union, within us and between us.

The temples we will visit hold the resonance of great teachings and transmissions, and these are held in the stones themselves, they remember. They also represent how the wise ancient ones lived and transmitted The Cross. The temples are the great containers holding the elixirs we are ready to drink from, so that these transmissions can be revived and updated in our own temples, our bodies.

The temples, the river, the stars above us, the desert, each other, will all be our teachers. I will hold meditations, guide practices, and lead rituals to support us to connect to the energies of the Temples we are visiting. There will be time as we cruise along the Nile to download your own transmissions, and if you wish share them in whatever way they want to manifest with others or with the whole group. There will be a balance between time at the temples, structured time together as a group, and time on your own.

This is not a workshop. This is a lived experience where we co-create with each other and with all that is around us, seen and unseen. This is your chance to live out the fullness of The Cross within you, and allow the energies around you to support you to anchor or deepen that union. It is your chance to say Yes to the Life Force that wants to come through you, through each of the polarities of The Cross, through their union, through the center of your being. It is your chance to connect to the Egyptian Mysteries and harness their gifts.

It will be Full Moon time as we undertake this pilgrimage. On day 5 of the cruise, December 12, we will be diving deep into the Full Moon of the Gemini – Sagittarius axis. About this axis: “Events during this axis come into your life fast, cause high voltage changes and exit equally fast. Here your life is in fast forward. Working with the Gemini Sagittarius axis always speaks to changeable and excitable experiences.” These will be felt in our bodies, hearts and souls.

We will follow the flow of Life and focus on LIVING, EMBODYING and SHARING the treasures we receive!

About The Cross:

We will work with a model developed by Bruce Lyon we call The Cross. This is based on the key polarities of our being: soul and body, masculine and feminine, light and dark.

The 4 Polarities:
* our feminine nature: love
* our masculine nature: presence
* our animal nature: primordial earth-based wisdom and raw power
* our soul: that which never dies, our eternal nature

The areas between these 4 poles create the quadrants of Light Feminine, Dark Feminine, Light Masculine and Dark Masculine.

The Temples:

This is the order we will visit the temples. It will represent our inner journey as well, to bring our polarities together into the sublime expression of our true selves as a divine human being, ready to share with the world.

Sekhmet: a warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath formed the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. Upon death, Sekhmet continued to protect them, bearing them to the afterlife. This is the archetype that represents our material reality, the sensual world, our animal nature, the wisdom of our body, our primal source and power, the Dark Feminine. She transmits the power of sublimation and positive destruction.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekhmet#/media/File:GD-EG-KomOmbo016.JPG

Sobek: He was associated with pharaonic power, fertility, and military prowess, but served additionally as a protective deity with apotropaic qualities. The Ankh in his hand represents his role as an Osirian healer and his crown is a solar crown associated with one of the many forms of Ra. This archetype represents the Dark Masculine.

Isis: She was believed to help the dead enter the afterlife as she had helped Osiris, her husband. She was considered the divine mother of the pharaoh, who was likened to Horus her son. She is a powerful magician, and represents the Light Feminine. This is the archetype that symbolizes our Heart Soul, the self-knowledge of knowing who you really are!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis#/media/File:Flickr_-_schmuela_-_IMG_6672.jpg

Horus: The first known national god, specifically related to the ruling pharaoh who was regarded to be the manifestation of Horus in life and Osiris in death. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, and he plays a key role in the Osiris myth as Osiris’s heir and the rival to Set, the murderer of Osiris. Horus served as a god of kingship and the sky. This archetype represents the Light Masculine. 

Hathor: Dendera is one of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. There are spectacular ceiling paintings which are now exposed in the main hall, dedicated to Hathor, making them some of the most vibrant and colourful paintings dating from antiquity. Hathor was one of several goddesses who acted as the Eye of Ra, Ra’s feminine counterpart, and in this form she had a vengeful aspect that protected him from his enemies. Her beneficent side represented music, dance, joy, love, sexuality and royalty. She acted as the consort of several male deities and the mother of their sons. Hathor crossed boundaries between worlds. This archetypal energy represents our self-expression as human divine and our capacity to commune between worlds! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendera_Temple_complex#/media/File:Dendera_7_977.PNG

We will also visit Silsila and a Nubian Village in Aswan.


Please plan to check into the boat on December 7th, between 17- 19hrs. Please note: we will begin with dinner at 19hrs and then an opening circle at 20hrs.

We will finish our pilgrimage on December 14th with a closing circle at 15hrs after lunch. We will need to leave the boat no later then 17hrs.

Accommodation is in a double with a bathroom. You can choose between:
– 2 twin beds or
– 1 full bed

Meals are vegetarian, vegan friendly and all efforts will be made to take into account any allergies or food restrictions. There will be 3 meals per day. Unlimited drinking water and tea is available throughout the journey. There will be no alcohol served on the boat.

All expenses are included during the pilgrimage (the boat, food, water and tea, tour guide, entrance to the temples)

Early Bird, through September 30: 850E
Regular Price, starting October 1: 950E

IMPORTANT: To join this pilgrimage you must be a participant of one or both of the following intensives. Package offers are available for those wishing to do 2 or all 3 of these Journeys:

“The Cross – The Fast Path to Soul Awakening” https://www.facebook.com/events/376023693101036/

“True Power – Igniting Leadership for a New Era” https://www.facebook.com/events/280077926237264/



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