The Cross: Initiation into the Integrated Masculine (for Women)

Brothers in Women’s bodies, this invitation is to you!
Working with our “contrasexual” (the opposite gender of the body we were born in), is as essential to our wholeness as is working with our own gender. That which we seek to attract externally in men, is often pointing towards what we need to cultivate internally as women.
There are many women out there who say: I have a strong masculine, I need to work on my Feminine. While I would agree, I would also add that most women (and men) do not have a strong AND HEALTHY masculine.
There are also women out there who feel they just want to be in their feminine, and let the men take care of the masculine. While the external dance of polarity can be absolutely beautiful and nourishing, you will always be half. “Half an orange” as we say in Latin America. In this paradigm, you will need external circumstances to allow you to feel fulfilled, full. And you will remained attached to your identity as a woman, preventing yourself from knowing yourself beyond the polarity, as an awakened and activated soul, as one with God.
This journey is an opportunity to:
* clean out imprints you carry about the masculine that do not serve you;
* get to know your own masculine, his particular qualities and gifts;
* strengthen the masculine within by being initiated into the Dark and Light Masculine;
* increase the range of your masculine and support him to mature, by exploring the main masculine archetypes;
* make space in your life for the healthy and integrated masculine within, to let him support you and shine bright in the world.
Why would you do this? So you:
* can harvest lessons you are meant to learn in this life, being in a woman’s body, about the masculine;
* don’t have to project your masculine out to a man, so that he can fill your empty begging bowl, your hole, the gap in you, and complete you;
* feel you need to compete with the masculine in men, from your own immature masculine needing to prove something;
* don’t project out to the men in your life, and to society as a whole, the wounds and fears you carry about the masculine;
* can accept your own masculine and stop waiting for your partner or others in your life to make time and space, approve or encourage your masculine to come out;
* can more fully appreciate, honor and encourage the healthy and integrated strong masculine in the world, in men and in women;
* can increase the range of your masculine, allow him to be seen and to mature;
* can feel more held, safe, supported, from within;
* know that your masculine is part of the circle of brothers, acknowledged, accepted, welcomed, celebrated;
* can deepen the state of your inner union, the ultimate soul mates;
* can be and contribute to, the masculine you want present in the world today;
* can know your wholeness, completeness, oneness!
Only when you can honor all of you, including your masculine, can others do the same.
Only when you feel complete within, will that be reflected in what you attract externally.
The healing of the feminine-masculine polarity split within us can result in profound self-love and acceptance, and can bring balance to many of our relationships, especially those with men. It is also part of THE fast track to soul awakening and anchoring!
Our Journey
This is an intensive and it’s experiential. You will be given theory, transmissions, and personal sharings for reference. The majority of the time you will be participating in exercises and practices. There will be opportunities to share and ask questions as well. And you will be taking part in powerful rituals of initiation.
Come to heal the unhealthy imprints of the masculine in you, discover your unique masculine, and give him the chance to be seen, to mature, and to express his essence! Allow him to shine through your body, heart and soul.
The world needs the integrated healthy masculine to stand, like we need air!
Dark, Shadow and Evil are not the same!
Some summary definitions in order to clarify the terminology of this map.
* Evil: anything that is actively blocking or attempting to destroy love, light and life.
* Shadow: aspects of our being that are unconscious or repressed, and yet are affecting or even guiding our behavior. Unintegrated aspects of our personality, distortions, and unrealized potential.
* Dark: primal energies of Life, Earthy, related to the body and our animal nature.
The Journeys Your Masculine will take:
Working with the core masculine archetypes:
Archetypes serve as a bridge to our wholeness. They are archaic, as old as time, and universal (it does not matter your race, religion, culture, age, etc). In other words, they are part of our inherent potential. The inherent potential is actualized when made conscious and subsequently harnessed and allowed to manifest through you. This is an invitation to do that, resulting in a fuller expression of your masculine, who you are as a woman, and knowing yourself as a soul.
The 4 Core Masculine Archetypes:
* The Lover: sensual and delightful, appreciating goodness, truth & beauty. His shadow: the Addicted Lover & the Impotent Lover.
* The Warrior: the holy campaigner or activist. He has courage, persistence and devotion. His shadow : the Sadist & the Masochist.
* The Magician: full of consciousness, growth and transformation. His shadow: the Manipulator and the Denying “Innocent” one.
* The King: the fully conscious male commanding leadership with respect. He is associated with authority, order, law and direction. His shadow: the Tyrant and the Weakling.
Working with the Dark and Light Masculine:
The summary word for masculine energy is Presence! Both the Dark and the Light Masculine can have a healthy expression of presence, distinct and complimentary to each other, and both can have a shadow or stunted expression as well. The shadow expression is when usually there is an excess of this energy, or it has been repressed, and then gets distorted. In order to come to balance, the distortion must come out of the shadow into the light, and the authentic expression be given permission. The stunted expression is when usually there is a lack of this energy, or it has been rejected, and therefor it’s not accessible. In this case, in order to come to balance, this energy needs to be given permission, cultivated and strengthened.
The Dark Masculine is generally the most challenging of the two masculine energies for people to work with, mainly because we have such few examples of its healthy expression in our society. The Key to unlocking the healthy Dark Masculine energy is Penetrative Presence. This energy penetrates matter, whether it’s in the expression of manifestation on the material plane, sexual potency, or the cutting through the illusion of veils (ie: cut through the bullshit). The shadow of the Dark Masculine is where there is a lack of presence but there is still penetrative energy, in other words: Abuse of Power. The stunted version is not being able to stand, whether that is to manifest or stand for something you believe in, and not claiming your no, the stereotypical “doormat” type of behaviour.
The Light Masculine is more common and far more accepted and accessible in today’s society. Its healthy expression is the Presence of Consciousness. This consciousness is expressed through a sense of purpose, and the unshakeable knowing of who you truly are, a soul, one with God, the nothingness. In its shadow expression it is again the absence of presence, living only the quality of consciousness. This results in being excessively mindy/ mental, disconnected from the body, sexuality and/ or emotions, unable to manifest or materialize your intentions, passive, rigid and controlling. The stunted version is not being able to stay present in the experience of strong emotional, sexual, primal energy, needing to escape or getting lost in it.
We all need the healthy expression of the both the Dark and the Light Masculine within us to feel fulfilled and whole. And humanity needs it too! The state of the world today is in large part due to the absence of the integration and grounding of this internal brotherhood. It’s time we each play our part, and do something about it!
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Please also feel free to invite other brothers in women’s bodies to this event, who would be interested in going deep into their masculine. Thank you!
A Message From Taki’h
“I worked fiercely for a decade on healing the masculine imprint I carried from men in this life, starting with my father not wanting children and leaving our family home when I was 1 years old, to sexual abuse, rape and other traumatic experiences. I also worked with what I carried ancestrally from my mother, grandmothers, my lineage, basically loads of abuse.
After many years, there came a point where it was obvious that this approach could only get me so far. A lot had been healed and I had deep, intimate relationships, but inside me I knew it was not enough. I still carried within me the imbalance of power, either putting myself above or below men, and I still projected out my needs to men feeling I was not complete or capable on my own.
So I started to work on integrating my own masculine within me, shifting it from unhealthy to healthy and letting him shine unapologetically. At first, not even my own feminine wanted anything to do with my masculine, he was quite immature. Cultivating the core masculine archetypes, and owning the different dark and light energies of the masculine within me, letting the shadows of each be seen and healed, and unleashing this power fearlessly, has been the most powerful journey of my life.
With this work came a sense of wholeness, no longer needing to project out my needs, fears and desires to the men in my life. With this inner equilibrium came balance in my external relationships. I wish nothing less for you!
This is the place from which I share my work with you. It is thanks to this journey that I have gifts and insights that can support the healthy masculine to mature and shine, whether its in a woman’s or a man’s body. I am offering practical tools that can serve as a bridge deeper into the masculine, and a transmission.
The healthy, activated and integrated masculine is a gift to humanity. I look forward to continuing my journey in the company of my brothers in women’s and men’s bodies! Aho.”
I am offering to support you to let your most authentic and present masculine qualities shine, the Dark and the Light. How? By using the map I was given by Bruce Lyon, so you can do the same: The Cross!
The Vision: The Cross
The Cross, transmitted by Bruce Lyon based on the Trans-Himalayan Teachings, is THE most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring. The Cross is based on the essential polarities of our being: Body, Soul, Feminine and Masculine. This includes the Dark and the Light Masculine, the Dark and the Light Feminine. (For a more detailed description of the map see )
Being able to embody each of these energies in their purest form in the unique way they manifest through you, is key to living your full potential as a being and going beyond the polarities and knowing yourself as a soul. This is my wish for you and all of humanity, and nothing less!
In Finland I am going deep into the journey, over 4 separate parts. During the first 3 parts we will dive into the different aspects of the cross more deeply, and separately, and the last weekend we will put it all together. Ideally, you will go through the whole journey, although each part is complete in itself. Priority to register is given to those who have done the previous part(s) of the Journey:
4-Part Self-Training “At The Center of The Cross”
* February 7-9 2020: Initiation into the Dark and Light Feminine (for Women) @Pesa, Tampere
* April 24-26 2020: Initiation into the Masculine (for Women) @Pesa, Tampere
* September 6-13 2020: The Union of Body and Soul (for Women) @Crete, Greece
* January 2021: Living at the Center of the Cross (for women and men together! Open to those having done the other parts) @Pesa, Tampere
In all of these journeys, I will be assisted by my partner, Timo Wiren
Location: Pesa, Tampere, Finland
Friday, April 24: 14hrs – 21hrs
Saturday, April 25: 8 or 9am – 21hrs
Sunday, April 26: 8 or 9am – 20hrs
! Please only register if you can be there for the entire duration of the journey !
There will be breaks for meals. You are welcome to bring your own food and prepare it and eat at the center, or eat at one of the many restaurants around the center. Additional schedule details will be announced to registered participants prior to the start of this journey.
Please note:
* while the journey is not residential, it is an intensive and should be treated as a complete immersion. In order to get the most out of the journey, please make no other plans from when we start to when we finish.
* all teachings are in English but if there are terms that are not understood, they will be translated in Finnish.
* a non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your place. If for any reason I cancel the group, or postpone the dates of the group and you can not make the new dates, your deposit will be returned in full.
Contribution: 300E
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24 - 26 Apr 2020


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Tampere, Finland